Dirty Laundry, a brand new speakeasy, opens in the Grand Central District

Dirty Laundry, a brand new speakeasy, opens in the Grand Central District

exterior of a speakeasy, with red chairs set out front.

Dirty Laundry, a brand new speakeasy concept from Stephen Schrutt, is now open at 1742 Central Avenue in the Grand Central District. The unassuming space looks like an ordinary laundromat with coffee and pastries available. Just beneath the glowing “Talk Dirty To Me” sign is a an old payphone. The person on the other end of the line will let you in to one of the most vibrant bars and clubs in the ‘Burg.

Tasty Havana-inspired cocktails, sequences of blue and yellow lights, a beautifully tiled floor, and a hidden paradise outdoor patio complete the Dirty Laundry Space. For those who have experienced Schrutt’s other concepts (Park & Rec, No Vacancy, The Avenue), then the attention to detail here will be no surprise.

Dirty Laundry is the next great speakeasy in St. Pete

Dirty Laundry opened its doors opened its doors on November 18, and is ready to now celebrate with libations with the public.

The cafe portion should open from around 8am-5pm, with the speakeasy beginning service at 5pm and continuing into the night.


Follow Dirty Laundry on instagram for updates on the newest bar in the St. Pete.

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