St. Pete Strength Center, born from Anytime Fitness DTSP, to offer old-school strength training

St. Pete Strength Center, born from Anytime Fitness DTSP, to offer old-school strength training

Chris Werner inside SPSC, and the exterior of SPSC

When it was announced that Anytime Fitness DTSP was being forced to close to make way for new construction, it left a big hole in St. Pete’s robust gym and fitness scene. Along with The Annex next door, it had become a staple of the fitness community in the Burg, and its closing left many of us, myself included, wondering where to go.

Personal trainer Chris Werner, who opened and ran Anytime for the last seven years, is now answering the question everyone has been asking him: what’s next? St. Pete Strength Center, located at 1936 1st Avenue South, is opening this March, bringing personalized strength training and physical conditioning to St. Pete.


The center is being put together by a three-person team, with Werner as the owner working alongside physical therapist Dr. Mitko Dimitri and personal trainer Dylan Carlson, creating a small powerhouse of fitness professionals under one roof. The fitness center will be more similar to some of the programming from The Annex, rather than the typical come-and-go big box gyms, as it will focus primarily on one-on-one personal training, workshops, and small group sessions.

The trio behind St. Pete Strength Center brings together three unique sets of skills. Werner is a one-on-one strength coach with a focus on using tools to increase a clients lean muscle mass and transform their body, while Carlson specializes in flexibility and strength training, perfect for athletes of all ages. Dr. Mitko is the mastermind behind Plyogenix physical therapy, helping athletes and gym goers get back to the things they love pain free, and he will have his own private office within the fitness facility.

“We are ready to serve local people looking for a more private, custom-catered training experience in a room full of great equipment,” Werner tells I Love the Burg. “Our facility aims to bring back some old school style of training – back to a time when people shared workout tips in person and spotted each other.”

Werner also said he is excited to launch what he is calling “super groups,” small groups of like-minded people to strength train together twice weekly, followed by prescribed “homework” to do outside of the two in-person sessions. These groups will rotate every six months, allowing more people access to the program.

St. Pete Strength Center is currently anticipating a March opening, with buildout currently underway, and those interested in one-on-one or group training can email chris(at) for more information. In the meantime, SPSC is continuing the free monthly outdoor workout The Yard at Green Bench Brewing, a group fitness series made popular when started by Werner and the team at The Annex/Anytime. Follow SPSC on Instagram for more updates.


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