Kahwa Coffee opening drive-thru made of refurbished shipping containers

Kahwa Coffee opening drive-thru made of refurbished shipping containers

Rendering of a shipping container coffee drive-thru

The coffee boom continues in the ‘Burg! Kahwa Coffee, the locally-owned coffee hub with more than a dozen locations in Tampa Bay (plus a traveling coffee wagon) will open a new concept on 4th Street North this summer.

Kahwa’s new drive-thru will be comprised of three refurbished shipping containers at 6623 4th Street North.

Opening in late summer 2020

A specific opening date is still TBA, but it should open this summer.

This is great news for residents further down the 4th Street stretch thirsty for caffeine options that aren’t Starbucks.


Kahwa was founded more than a decade ago by Raphael and Sarah Perrier. The coffee loving pair recently celebrated the debut of a new Kahwa location at the TPA Marriott Hotel.

Kahwa gained even more national notoriety during its stint at the frequently sold out Enchant Christmas Maze and Village at Tropicana Field.

Kahwa sparks a coffee renaissance 

In a region so defined by the proliferation of exceptional coffee shops, it is heartening to see the continued growth and development of Kahwa, a brew I’ve been drinking since I was a student at Eckerd in 2011, and became even more familiar with when I moved to the Old Northeast.

This isn’t Kawha’s only drive-thru. The coffee chain operates other drive-thru concepts at 3070 44th Avenue North, and 5820 9th Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

Kahwa isn’t just about coffee. Most cafe’s feature a variety of baked goods to choose from, including waffles by Pop Goes the Waffle, and cookies from WeVegan Eats.

Move into a massive warehouse 

Back in April 2019, Kahwa celebrated a milestone 13 year anniversary. The celebration included a move into a new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in St. Petersburg.

Craving more coffee talk?

Visit the coffee shop’s website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram on updates for special blends, upcoming events and major store announcements.

What’s your go to Kahwa order? Let us know in the comments!


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