PHOTOS: New inclusive Pride street mural painted on Central Avenue

PHOTOS: New inclusive Pride street mural painted on Central Avenue

Pride Mural on Central Avenue featuring 11 different colors

UPDATE 7/30/20: The new Inclusive PRIDE Street Mural is finished! Artists and volunteers worked through the night on July 29 to complete the project which features 11 different color stripes at the intersection of Central Avenue and 25th Street North.

*Photo via Jim Nixon 

St. Pete Pride was able to raise the $7,000 necessary to bring this project to fruition. Public art has proven to not only have a significant economic impact on surrounding businesses, but also helps in decreasing traffic accidents.

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St. Pete is ready to glow with PRIDE! St. Pete Pride, an organization that’s given back more than $15,000 to local charities through its grants program, is fundraising for a new street mural in the Grand Central District.

The City of St Pete has approved the installation of an inclusive Pride Mural at the intersection of 25th and Central Avenue North. The mural will be made up of 11 colored stripes. The rainbow installation will help to celebrate the community’s rainbow colors, acknowledge the inclusion of people of color as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and uplift the transgender community by recognizing their flags as well.

St Pete Pride has agreed to raise funds to support this effort and the organization is asking for your donation to make this piece of public art possible.

This donation is more than just a monetary contribution. Your donation demonstrates to the City and the surrounding areas that the LGBTQ+ community will support those who stand up for them.

The current fundraising goal is $7,000. St. Pete Pride has already raised more than $2,700 toward that goal.

Click HERE to donate today.

In June, the city came together with more than a dozen muralists to paint a large Black Lives Matter mural outside the Dr. Carter G Woodson Museum.


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