Australian Brewpub, Where’s Jubes, to open in downtown St. Pete

Australian Brewpub, Where’s Jubes, to open in downtown St. Pete

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A new Australian brewpub concept, “Where’s Jubes” Aussie Brewpub & Grill is midway through construction with anticipation of opening doors in late August, according to a release from Evolve & Co. The brewpub is located at 277 Central Ave in the former Lucky Dill Deli location.

When Australian-born restaurateur Josh Cameron noticed the Lucky Dill Deli on the corner of 3rd street and Central Avenue of downtown St. Petersburg, he was transported back to his homeland of New South Wales where many pubs are historic two story buildings chock-full of character.

This represents a renaissance on the block. New businesses have populated the 200 Block to create a unique experience at each doorstep. Sauvignon adds exquisite Italian cuisine to the area, while Pour Judgement delivers the ‘Burg first ever craft shot bar.

Where’s Jubes is years in the making for Josh Cameron

Cameron purchased the deli in 2018 with the dream of opening his very own Australian Brew Pub. Cameron, Principal of Crafty Hospitality, also purchased The Oyster Bar – one of the longest-serving restaurants in downtown St. Pete – and most recently re-invented the old Fortunato’s location into the popular Crafty Squirrel. 

For the past year or so, the deli has been vacant while permits were underway. Cameron selected PJ Callaghan, a fourth generation  commercial and industrial construction company to take on the project of restoring the hundred year old building while bringing his vision of an Australian brew pub to life.

The 1,600 square foot pub will feature repurposed poplar from Australia, industrial steel, four brew tanks, and extensive outdoor lounge seating.

“It’s a modern, industrial buildout but with the warmth of Boston’s Cheers” says Cameron. At Crafty Hospitality, our culture is customer-first. Warm hospitality and a feeling of familiarity for our guests is what we’re aiming for.”

Bringing Aussie burgers to downtown St. Pete

Cameron commissioned local advertising agency, Evolve & Co to develop the brand with modern typography, a custom illustration of Jubes himself, and a cheeky f*cking brand voice. To tell the story of “Where’s Jubes”, the agency did a series of interviews to discover Cameron’s childhood nickname “Jubes” and his demanding schedule managing multiple restaurants and a family make him somewhat elusive leading many to ask: where’s Jubes? It’s also a play on Where’s Waldo, as Cameron reveals.

“Building this brand was an honor and an adventure. It was crucial to convey Jubes’ personality through brand voice and visuals, and it was definitely the most fun the creative team has had on any brand development project” says Lisa Williams, President of Evolve & Co. “We also got to collaborate with the incredibly talented illustrator, Sarah Sheppard for a custom illustration of Jubes which will be featured creatively throughout the branding and interior.”

A tease of Where’s Jubes’ food menu

The food menu development is underway in the test kitchen, but a few standouts include: 

Rosemary Balsamic Spare Ribs: braised in balsamic & rosemary, slow cooked & sautéed off 

Aussie Burger: beef patty, bacon, cheese, egg, caramelized onion, pickled beets, tomato and lettuce

Grilled Prime Rib: garlic mash, asparagus, burnt brown butter and thyme

Beer Battered Wedges: potato in sweet chili, sour cream, and chives

Sticky Date Pudding: served with bourbon infused ice cream

A haven for beer lovers downtown

In partnership with award winning Australian Brewer, Brian Watson, Cameron has spent the last year importing and perfecting the malts, hops, and barleys using SmartBrew technology. He plans to open with eight to twelve varietals, brewing eighty to a hundred kegs a week. Paying homage to Australia, Cameron branded his beers with tributes to his birthplace. Brews will be served in custom glassware at ten and twenty ounces. 


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