St. Pete Originals: The Chattaway, the spot for a burger and afternoon tea

St. Pete Originals: The Chattaway, the spot for a burger and afternoon tea

exterior of a restaurant with rainbow colors

The Chattaway is one of St. Petersburg’s original burger joints. The bright pink restaurant is famous for its burgers, hot dogs, and its tea service inside an ornately decorated dining room.

You can’t talk about food in the Burg without mentioning The Chattaway. It wasn’t always a the burger joint you know and love today. The location began as the Four Corners Grocery Store in 1922. In the 30s an addition was added to the Grocery store and was run by two former trapeze artists, The Franks.

The Chattaway has served St. Pete for nearly 90 years

The Four Corners became The Chattaway Drive In in 1933 (right after Prohibition was repealed). Vibrant lights and tables filled the new space. A slew of ownership changes took place in the 40s and 1951 Helen Lund took over The Chattaway. The space had been transformed from a grocery store to a recreation center, and then to a restaurant.

The famous Chattaburger was born shortly after Lund took over the space. The spot grew in popularity in the neighborhood because of their breakfast specials and substantial chicken and shrimp baskets.

The Chattaway was run by Helen’s son. Everett, until his passing in 2002. It is now run by his wife Jill. In a time of commercial gimmicks, The Chattaway stands as a bastion for all that is good about comfort food. The Chattaburger speaks for itself.

Enjoy a taste of over 90 years of St. Pete history at The Chattaway, located at 358 22nd Avenue South.

interior of a tea room with linen tabletops
Inside The Chattaway tea room

The hub for afternoon tea in the ‘Burg

Its beautiful lit back patio, vibrant paint job, lush plant life, and space outside the downtown sprawl make The Chattaway a bit of an oasis here in the Sunshine City.  Firepits are lit on cooler nights adding to the beauty of this already unique setting.

British Afternoon Tea is served by Lady Chattaway, and costs $35.00 per person. This includes assorted sandwiches, scones with Devonshire Cream, Crumpets with Irish Butter, Petit Fours, Raspberries and Cream and all the English tea you can drink. You must call ahead at 727 687 1943 for Afternoon Tea so that your choice of items suit your liking and that of your guests. We are certain that you will enjoy your experience. Please schedule at least 48 hours in advance.

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