Three more buses added to the SunRunner fleet in St. Pete

Three more buses added to the SunRunner fleet in St. Pete

PSTA is leveling up with three new SunRunner buses! These bad boys are 40-foot hybrid electric machines ready to tackle the growing demand and keep the party going during those epic events along the 10.3-mile corridor. With these additions, you can count on a bus every 15 minutes, all day long. And guess what? They didn’t break the bank either! The project came in $5 million under budget, making this upgrade a win-win for everyone. Get ready to ride in style and enjoy the perks of an even smoother and more reliable transit experience in Tampa Bay!

A SunRunner bus on the street

With over 115,000 riders in March and a total of 635,000 riders since its launch, the SunRunner has become a go-to transportation option. Not only does it offer convenient everyday travel, but it also caters to major events like Halloween on Central, Localtopia, and the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, drawing more than 10,000 riders on each occasion. Embraced by the community, the SunRunner continues to provide a reliable and efficient means of getting around town while connecting people to exciting happenings throughout the city.


SunRunner connects downtown St. Pete and the Beaches

“As the ridership numbers show, the SunRunner is our most popular route and with these new buses we will be able to move more people in fast and convenient way,” said Brad Miller, Chief Executive Officer of PSTA.  

“I am proud that PSTA continues its work to improve an already impressive service,” said Gina Driscoll, Chair of the PSTA Board. “By coming in under budget and making plans to add more buses and a new station closer to the Pier, PSTA is enhancing our quality of life and helping to drive our economy.” 

The buses will be arriving by Spring of next year. The SunRunner is free through October 31. For more information, click here.

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