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Staff picks: Our favorite coffee shops in St. Pete

Staff picks: Our favorite coffee shops in St. Pete

Inside Book + Bottle in downtown St. Pete | Photo by Andrew Harlan

In honor of National Coffee Day, our staff is sharing some of our favorite places around town to get a caffeine fix.


St. Pete is growing into a major coffee city. Roasters such as Kahwa Coffee have been doing it for well over a decade here in the Sunshine City. Now you can stroll up and down Central and hit a different cafe space on every block.


Whether you’re looking for a quaint spot to sip a strong brew and enjoy a good book, or you’re scoping out the next great “satellite office” in the ‘Burg, our staff has provided their favorite coffee shops in all of St. Pete. These of course won’t cover every single phonemail coffee purveyor here in the ‘Burg, and our staff could go on for days describing their favorites. We’ve boiled it down to just our top picks. What’s your favorite cafe in the area?

Ham, egg and cheese croissant next to an iced and hot coffee from Kahwa
Ham, egg and cheese croissant and an iced latte and tall cup of hot coffee from Kahwa. Photo via Kahwa Coffee

Kahwa Coffee – Dex

For a location near you, look here. 

Of course it has to be Kahwa. We’ve seen Kahwa from its humble beginnings as a one location coffee shop to having over a dozen locations across Tampa Bay. Now, they are also available at major supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, resorts across the country. This homegrown coffee brand is something St. Pete can be very proud of.

It’s the coffee shop I’ve always loved because of its quality good coffee I can drink a couple times a day and enjoy along with my favorite ham, egg and cheese croissant or their chocolate croissant if I’m in the mood for a treat!

Plus they have been such great community cheerleaders of many local initiatives and non-profit organizations like the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce’s One Million Cups supporting local entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

someone dressed as a spider-man holding a coffee, a photo of a egg and sausage breakfast sandwich.

Of course Spider-Man enjoys coffee at Craft Kafe, their gluten-free hub also serves one of the top breakfast sandwiches in the region. | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Craft Kafe – Andrew

200 Central Ave
6653 Central Ave
442 W Kennedy Blvd, Suite 180 – Tampa

This gluten-free haven has been in operation for more than 7 years. Craft first opened in West St. Pete, and eventually expanded with a second location in downtown St. Pete, and now operates a third spot in the heart of Tampa. Their Kyoto drip provides an unbridled adrenaline rush that I crave. their mellow matcha with almond milk and honey is also a smooth addition to my day.

Craft’s gluten-free breakfast sandwich is one of the finest in the area, and I feel like I eat at least 5 date pastries a week. Craft has an extraordinary staff, and Jason is one of my most trusted sources for coffee beans. I love to bring my laptop and work for a few hours at the downtown St. Pete location, and I relish the opportunity to ride my bike up to West St. Pete with good book for a more relaxed afternoon. Craft Kafe is one of those gems I’m eager to bring all of my friends as soon as they arrive in St. Pete. Kudos to Teddy and Eddie for this local success story.

Exterior of a green coffee shop with two large open bay doors.


On breezy days Black Crow Coffee in the Grand Central District opens its bay doors. | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Black Crow Coffee – Andrew

722 2nd Street North
2157 1st Ave South

I mean Black Crow Coffee is what makes St. Pete St. Pete. Both of their cafes are absolutely covered in local art (and classic vinyl record covers). I don’t think I’ll ever be as cool as any of the folks who work behind the counter at Black Crow. They have exceptional taste in music, make wicked good coffee, host wonderful open mic nights, night markets, and clothing swaps, and help add to the character of the neighborhoods they serve.

Black Crow’s Grand Central District location includes a dreamy courtyard. It’s situated next to Tombolo Books, so that only adds to its allure. I’ve been going to the Old Northeast Black Crow since literally the first minute they opened that cafe. Every single staff member is super sweet to my pup, Kino, and regardless of the time of day they make me feel like I’m part of the Black Crow family. Their flaky, buttery crow-issants are famous for a reason. If you’re ever feeling fancy, treat yourself to their ice chai tea lattes.

An outdoor cafe with a brick patio, orange umbrellas, and antique furniture.


The Chelsea St. Pete offers a spacious courtyard area with ample umbrellas for shade — and plant life for the aesthetic. | Photo by Andrew Harlan

The Chelsea St. Pete – Rob

2462 5th Ave S

An affordable, tasty and generally quiet place to get some work done whether inside the artsy interior or in the plant filled outdoor patio. Staff is always very friendly and makes great lattes.

A crowded bar with lights decorated like Christmas ornaments. a bartender in a vest and red tie helps guests at the bar.


Intermezzo is a dynamic cafe and cocktail hub. They host myriad street markets, get decked out for the holidays with Miracle at Mezzo, and operates as a top tier events venue. | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails – Rob

1111 Central Ave

My go-to for a fancier coffee drink, especially during the Miracle at Mezzo holiday season (love those gingerbread lattes). This place is just classy and is always a great place to take friends visiting town as it’s in the heart of the EDGE District.


Meet Hogg Batch Brewing owners David and Duane Hogg. Hogg Batch Brewing uses whiskey, tequila, and rum barrels to give their coffee a wild flavor profile. | Photo by Andrew Harlan

The front facade of the Cordova Inn lit up during the evening
The Scott at The Cordova Inn

Hogg Batch Coffee – Ysa

2327 Central Ave

Their Grand Central shop has limited cafe hours right now but it’s worth making a stop. Hogg Batch’s barrel-aged coffee (especially in an old-fashioned latte) is a unique and fun change of pace when you want to treat yourself. I keep a bag of their whiskey or rum barrel-aged coffee beans at the house for when I’m feeling fancy.

The Scott 253 2nd Ave. N

Hogg Batch coffee is also served at the cool and quaint boutique hotel The Cordova Inn’s lobby bar, The Scott . What’s even better is that the coffee bar turns into a cocktail bar later in the afternoon when you can up the ante of your caffeine with their Coffee Pot Martini!


Bandit serves one of the finest, strangest cold brews in St. Pete, and their deep food menu is an astounding delight – such as the yogurt and fruit bowl | Photos by Andrew Harlan

Bandit Coffee – Ysa

2662 Central Ave

This cafe always has great music and I love their maple bourbon latte. It’s one of my favorite places to meet friends. Bandit serves beautiful pastries and has a powerhouse of a food menu.

inside a book shop and wine shop. Rows of books are on the left side, bottles of wine on the right side.


Inside Book + Bottle in downtown St. Pete | Photo by Andrew Harlan

Book + Bottle – Bob

17 6th St N

This bright and airy shop is tucked away on the western end of downtown, a welcoming oasis with fantastic coffee, baked treats, and of course – an amazingly curated selection of books. Plus, if you decide it’s time to switch from caffeine to something a bit more potent, their wine selection is unmatched in the neighborhood, alongside a list of unique beers, too.


Gulfperk is absolutely worth the ride to Gulfport with its jungle-esque courtyard and tasty pastries | Photo via GulfPerk

GulfPerk Coffee Bar – Bob

3107 Beach Blvd S

I’ll take any excuse I can to spend a morning or afternoon working in Gulfport, and when I do, this is the first place I stop. It has all the charm you’d expect in a Gulfport cottage-turned-cafe, the staff is next-level friendly, the sandwiches and baked goods are worth the drive alone, and oh yeah – the coffee is great, too!

Honorable mentions:

      • Neighborhood Joe – Andrew (2609 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N)

      • Blush Coffee + Tea – Ysa (2382 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N)

      • Beans & Barbour – Bob (407 Central Ave)

      • Grove Surf & Coffee – Rob (7370 Gulf Blvd)

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