St. Pete pitchman Sully launches show “Kings of Kush” on VICE TV

St. Pete pitchman Sully launches show “Kings of Kush” on VICE TV

Anthony Sullivan, a globally renowned pitchman and St. Pete local, has a new show on VICE TV called “Kings of Kush” dedicated to showcasing the medical benefits of CBD.

It was announced earlier this winter that the new show titled “Kings of Kush” starring Anthony Sullivan had been picked up by the A&E family of networks and first premiered on Tuesday March 2nd on VICE TV.


Educating the public on CBD

This distribution put MONTKUSH, Sullivan’s CBD farm in Vermont, on televisions everywhere in the US and tees us up to air in Canada, all over Europe and around the world.

Prior to the show’s debut, the MONTKUSH team has been working to launch additional products using their Organic CBD Rosin. Along with the oils they have available on their website, MONTKUSH will be launching gummies, and soft gels which are emerging as more popular methods to take CBD and steadily gaining market share.

They are aligning with consumers’ needs and being forward thinking in the industry. We are also modifying our products to be marketed in serving size to help consumers with proper dosage.


MONTKUSH oils will be soon be available in:

Maximum Strength: (40mg per serving) 1200mg total per bottle
Mild Strength: (20mg per serving) 600 mg total per bottle

Gummies: (10mg per gummy) 500mg total per jar
Softgels (20mg per softgel) 600mg total per jar

MONTKUSH launching new CBD products

As part of the move to making CBD easier to understand, MONTKUSH made adjustments to the website to help consumers shop for their needs state. We received hundreds of incredible testimonials from people telling the team how MONTKUSH has helped them with stress, relief, sleep, pain, anxiety and other specific needs.

With a continued focus on educating the consumer through the TV show and transparency, MONTKUSH will be assisting with industry research and giving back where they can. Last year the CBD farm participated in a university studies with Cornell University and Florida Gulf Coast University and this summer they will work with UVM locally with their Crops & Soils Program.

Supporting the CBD industry 

One of MONTKUSH’s investors, Ethan Zohn has offered to be their Chief Purpose Officer to take the lead working with these programs to help educate and support the industry. He will also represent MONTKUSH with charitable organizations that best align with their overall purpose and goal. Ethan is the founder of two non-profit organizations and through his community involvement, works toward a better and healthier world with education, advocacy and inspiration.



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