SHINE Mural Festival partners with Artists for Oceans for 2020 event

SHINE Mural Festival partners with Artists for Oceans for 2020 event

Photo by a giant Sea Wall Mural

SHINE Mural Festival is arguably the event of the year in St. Petersburg. For several years now, artists from St. Pete, the state of Florida at large, and across the globe have come to the Sunshine City and left their eclectic marks on the walls of our home.

2020 will be a little different. Obviously the massive events surrounding SHINE won’t be quite the same (can we please Zoom with a mermaid, Fairgrounds St. Pete?), but organizers have created a safe way to elevate our art scene, while relaying an important message.

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SHINE is returning November 7-14 for a special edition in partnership with Pangeaseed and their globally renowned Seawalls Artists for Oceans program! ⁣

Sea Walls: St. Petersburg will feature a Florida-based artist lineup painting for a purpose and 10 new murals highlighting St. Pete’s most pressing ocean issues; exploring the interconnectedness of human and environmental health as we navigate an ongoing global pandemic.⁣

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“As a coastal city, climate change and sea level rise are ongoing threats to the wellbeing of St. Pete” the organizers wrote in an Instagram post. “Beach tourism is an important part of the area’s economy and issues of storm surge, plastic pollutants, harmful algae blooms and sustainable fisheries are important community education topics. And we know environmental issues impact our community in different ways based on social structures like race, gender, age and class. Sea Walls: St. Petersburg will artfully advocate for sustainability for all communities. “⁣

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For the safety of the artists and the general public, SHINE will be limiting its public events. If you choose to visit the mural locations while they’re in progress, the artists and organizers ask that you wear a mask, social distance from other viewers, and respect the artists’ safety by remaining at a distance. ⁣

Want to experience all of the SHINE Murals from the comfort of your car? There’s now a new drive-thru app you can use to experience the murals from your car/bike.


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