40 of Rodin’s masterpieces, including huge sculptures, are now on view at The MFA St. Pete

40 of Rodin’s masterpieces, including huge sculptures, are now on view at The MFA St. Pete

A massive Rodin sculpture stands on a platform in the middle of a room surrounded by other art

Stunned silence. That’s the best way to describe the atmosphere when touring The Museum of Fine Art’s brand new exhibition. True Nature: Rodin and the Age of Impressionism presents works by one of the most celebrated sculptors of all time, side by side with extraordinary paintings by his renowned contemporaries.

Sculptures by Rodin in front of impressionist paintings
A group of people look at a painting of fruit by Cezanne

A series of captivating sculptures, bucolic paintings, and even video footage of the artist himself provide an immersive experience sure to enchant even the most modest of art admirers. The collection will be on view through March 26 at 255 Beach Drive NE.

This exhibition includes nearly 40 of Rodin’s masterpieces, ranging from intimately scaled marble statues to monumental bronzes. “It offers a remarkably comprehensive look at Rodin, placing him within the context of the profound artistic, cultural, and social changes occurring at the end of the nineteenth century in France,” notes the Museum of Fine Arts curatorial team in a press release.

The curator looks at the Burghers of Calais sculptures by Rodin

Rodin’s revolutionary works illuminate the Museum of Fine Arts

Those who aren’t art historians will find themselves feasting on the sumptuous works of a genius for the very first time. Each towering sculpture, complete with elongated hands, strained neck, and abyss-like eyes, hold their own orbit. The hallmarks of Rodin’s style include his decision not to smooth over or hide signs of his sculptural process and the creation of sculptures from parts of the body such as hands. These points were revolutionary for his time, and inspired a generation of artist who studied under him in his studio.

St. John the Baptist by Rodin in front of a Money painting of lily pads

Featuring examples of the artist’s most eminent works, such as Saint John the Baptist Preaching (1878), and Jean d’Aire (1886), this exhibition looks beyond Rodin’s popular persona as the tormented Romantic genius, revealing his extraordinary powers of observation and ability to capture emotion and movement. True Nature also includes major paintings such as Claude Monet’s Nympheas (circa 1897-1898), Paul Cézanne’s Still Life with Cherries and Peaches (1885-1887), and Edgar Degas’s The Bellelli Sisters (1865-1866). Consummate photographs, drawings, and sculptures by other masters of the period also join the exhibition.

This exhibition was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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two people look at an impressionist paintings of two girls in a field painting.

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