Rasta Canna Bar, a cannabis-infused cocktail concept, opens this Friday

Rasta Canna Bar, a cannabis-infused cocktail concept, opens this Friday

The interior of Rasta Canna Bar

An all-hemp cocktail bar is about to make its debut in Grand Central, and we have high hopes for this cannabis-infused concept. Rasta Canna Bar officially opens this Friday May 19, bringing hemp-based cocktails, spirits, seltzers and smoothies to its bar at 2531 Central Avenue.

The new concept is being opened by CBD and THC supplier Nothing But Hemp, who has already had a presence at a handful of festivals and markets around town over the last year. Rasta Canna Bar’s cocktails – such as the Stoner Sunset, High Cosmopolitan, and Dank Colada – are modeled after traditional cocktails, but with 10 mg of Delta 8 instead of alcohol.

Rasta Canna Bar has also developed shots inspired by traditional spirits, offering Delta 9-infused versions of favorites like tequila, fireball and even cognac. Additionally, the bar will have Delta 8 seltzers, THC N/A beers, and a variety of smoothies infused with CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9. And for those looking for a less elevated experience, there will be traditional N/A drinks.


The exterior of Rasta Canna Bar

On their website, Rasta Canna Bar describes itself as St. Pete’s first cannabis-infused bar: “Our goal is to give people an alternative to alcohol and make people laugh, smile and feel better. Rasta Canna Bar developed a method to infuse cocktails with Delta 9, Delta 8, CBD, CBG and CBN. We add terpenes to enhance the effects.”

On its opening day, the first 250 people at Rasta Canna Bar will receive one free drink, and all drinks after that will be 50% off. Inside the new space, guests will find a Vitale Bros. mural on the wall, and a blue epoxy floor designed to look like the ocean.

Rasta Canna Bar to use all hemp-based products

Getting their product from Nothing But Hemp, all of the infusions are hemp-derived. Delta 8 and Delta 9 are both forms of THC, though Delta 9 is considerably stronger and its high concentration in traditional marijuana is responsible for the euphoric or trippy feeling of being “high.” Delta 8 is much less potent, has fewer side effects, and is considered to be more of a relaxing and calming experience that many users still describe as an intoxicating high.


CBD, a relaxing product often recommended for relieving issues like inflammation, pain or anxiety, does not contain any THC. Rasta Canna Bar will serve drinks with hemp-based CBD.

Learn more about Rasta Canna Bar on its website.

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