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Moxy St. Pete sets June opening with reveal of latest renderings

Moxy St. Pete sets June opening with reveal of latest renderings

In the heart of St. Petersburg’s vibrant EDGE District, a new beacon of modern hospitality is coming up: The Moxy Hotel at 1234 Central Avenue. Slated to start welcoming guests on June 14, this 163-key hotel promises to be more than just a place to stay; it’s set to become a cornerstone of community and culture in downtown St. Petersburg.

Located at 1234 Central Avenue, The Moxy Hotel by Marriott St. Petersburg Downtown shared some fresh renderings with I Love the Burg. Designed to blend seamlessly with the historical architecture and tropical landscape of St. Petersburg, Moxy is introducing a fresh, contemporary edge. The hotel’s ground floor features a coffee shop and juice bar, health, wellness, and beauty spaces, a podcast studio, and an oversized lobby bar that opens up to Central Avenue, inviting both guests and locals to gather and connect.


Another look at the lobby from Moxy Hotel


Rendering of lobby with a bar on the left and seating areas in the middle
Lobby bar image courtesy of Moxy Hotel

New rooftop bar in the EDGE District

Likely the most anticipated feature of The Moxy is Sparrow, a 12,500 square foot retro-themed rooftop bar and restaurant. Alongside Sparrow, will be a rooftop pool and an outdoor garden and arcade area. According to developers, these spaces where created for leisure as well as designed to host art, music, and wellness events to foster a sense of community and inclusion.

The Moxy’s commitment to community extends beyond its walls, with 7,500 square feet of communal gardens situated between the hotel and the adjacent 1246 Central Avenue. This curated environment is set to host live music, art exhibits, and other activities, creating a vibrant hub for St. Pete visitors and residents alike.


Developers wanted to pay homage to the city’s rich history and its pedestrian-friendly nature, with active arcades providing interconnectivity between key streets and further enhancing the urban landscape. This thoughtful design is part of a larger vision by developers PTM Partners and DoveHill Capital Management, who are known for their focus on community-oriented development opportunities.

Another view looking directly at the sparrow bar with green tile, marble bar, liquor bottles and row of seating.
Looking at the Sparrow’s indoor bar. Rendering by Moxie Hotel
Couches and seating area for drinks by the window on the left and across the bar with seating
Another lobby bar image courtesy of Moxy Hotel

7-story work of art in St. Pete

The Moxy’s architecture and interior design, crafted by Storyn Studio for Architecture and GEM et AL, respectively, promise to bring a new level of architectural significance to the EDGE District. The hotel itself is a 7-story building, encompassing 96,000 total square feet, with rooms ranging from 200 to 400 square feet. Approximately 30,000 square feet are dedicated to interior and exterior amenity spaces, including dining options like Sparrow, Rose’s Coffee Bar, Sip ‘N Dip, and Bar Moxy, as well as a fitness center, meeting space, and an outdoor pool and bar.

A rendering of a stylish bathroom in a king room with mirror, green tiles and green sink.
A look at the stylish bathrooms in a King Guest room
Hotel room with king size bed and window with balcony
King guest room with balcony image courtesy of Moxy Hotel

Chic hotel rooms inside Moxy

Each hotel room is designed with style and functionality in mind, featuring high thread count bedding, luxury bath and spa amenities, 55-inch flat screen televisions, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Special attention has been paid to the details, from motion-activated LED guidelights to full-height art imagery, ensuring a comfortable and immersive stay.

The Moxy’s opening is timely, poised to meet significant demand following the announcement of the $6 billion historic Gas Plant Development and the new Tampa Bay Rays stadium. This development is part of the larger EDGE Collective, which includes the modernization of the 110-year-old 1246 Central Avenue building and the announcement of EDGE Collective Phase II, a 500,000-square foot mixed-use destination.

As The Moxy Hotel by Marriott St. Petersburg Downtown prepares to open its doors, it stands as a testament to the future of hospitality in St. Petersburg, where community, culture, and comfort converge in the heart of the EDGE District


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