I Love the Burg, but… Philadelphia

Philadelphia Highrises

Known as the “city of brotherly love,” Philadelphia, or Philly for short, is in fact a short flight away. One can find a lot to do for an extended weekend […]

I Love the Burg but… Ireland

The ancient East. Probably sounds like I’m traveling to China, but this is in fact one of the far less traveled regions of Ireland. It’s a hot spot for the […]

I Love the Burg but… Bogota

Bogota, oddly enough a great destination for a long weekend— say like Thanksgiving. With the long weekend ahead, we started the hunt for a nearby destination suitable for four nights. […]

St. Pete Pride Commits to No Straws Movement

As a festival that brings nearly 200,000 people to St. Pete every year, St. Pete Pride‘s commitment to No Straws St. Pete means a great deal. It’s just the latest in a […]