St. Pete named most dog-friendly city in America

St. Pete named most dog-friendly city in America

Milo enjoying a walk in St. Pete

St. Pete has gone to the dogs – and that’s a good thing. According to a new study published by SmartAsset, St. Petersburg is the most dog-friendly city in the country.

The study used seven primary factors to determine the rankings, including walkability and expected number of rainy days – a pair of metrics that certainly helped St. Pete earn the top spot. SmartAsset applied those seven factors to the 97 largest cities in the country, and the math named St. Pete the victor.

Key among the findings: St. Pete has 2.3 dog parks per 100,000 people; 134 dog-friendly restaurants; 18 dog-friendly shopping centers; and 84.5 of every 10,000 businesses are either pet stores or vet offices. And more good news for local dog owners: Tampa finished No. 3 in the rankings, offering a full 242 dog-friendly restaurants for those crossing the bridge.

From SmartAsset: “For the ultimate dog lover in search of the most dog-friendly city, look no further than St. Petersburg, Florida. For pet care, residents have access to the fifth-highest number of pet stores and vet offices (84.5 for every 10,000 establishments). You’ll also find roughly 18 dog shops (third-highest among all cities in the study) and 134 dog-friendly restaurants (39th-highest out of 97 cities).”

If this news has you thinking about getting a dog, SPCA Tampa Bay is hosting its annual Clear The Shelters event on Saturday, August 27, where new pet parents can adopt animals for only $8.27. The event starts at noon, and all available animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped, making for seamless and affordable adoption.

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