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St. Pete Mayor Ken Welch launches summer programs for kids and families

St. Pete Mayor Ken Welch launches summer programs for kids and families

Mayor Ken Welch speaking outside City Hall
Photo courtesy City of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is stepping up its game to ensure a safer and brighter future for its youth, and Mayor Kenneth T. Welch is leading the charge with an impressive multi-pronged initiative. This plan is all about tackling neighborhood safety concerns head-on and creating opportunities that will empower the city’s young residents and their families.

So, what’s the game plan? Mayor Welch’s commitment comes in four powerful parts: awareness, opportunity, listening, and leadership. First on the list is the launch of the “Not My Child” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about violence prevention and foster a stronger sense of community. To kick things off, they’re organizing a neighborhood community walk on May 26.


Mayor Welch creates an unforgettable summer for St. Pete kids

But that’s not all – St. Petersburg wants its young ones to have an unforgettable summer. That’s why the city is spreading the word about its awesome summer camp offerings and activities. They’re pulling out all the stops to provide endless opportunities for fun and growth. Parents, take note and make sure your kids don’t miss out on these amazing experiences!

Mayor Welch understands the power of listening and wants to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. That’s why he’s organizing community conversations with specific audiences. By engaging with the community, these discussions will help shape future educational and youth opportunities. It’s a smart move that ensures the city is on the right track to meet the needs of its residents.

Crafting an opportunity agenda for youth

And Mayor Welch is taking leadership to a whole new level by appointing a Director of Education and Youth Opportunities. This vital role will focus on providing the support and resources necessary for the city’s youth to thrive. It’s all part of Mayor Welch’s grand plan, known as the Opportunity Agenda for Youth. He’s determined to create a safe environment where residents feel secure and where young minds can flourish.


With Education and Youth Opportunities and Neighborhood Health and Safety as top priorities, Mayor Welch is showing his commitment to progress. But let’s not forget the other pillars: Equitable Development, Arts and Business Opportunities, Housing Opportunities for All, and Environment, Infrastructure, and Resilience. He’s got the whole package covered!

Join the neighborhood walk this May

So mark your calendars for the “Not My Child” neighborhood walk on May 26th at Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. This campaign is all about promoting positive choices, building a sense of community, and ensuring our neighborhoods are safe havens for our youth. Together, we can make a difference! For more information, visit Let’s rally around this initiative and make St. Petersburg the best it can be for our young stars.

ubsequent canvassing walks will be held every Friday during the summer. Once the school year begins, canvassing will continue on the second Friday of each month. All are welcome to help spread the word door-to-door that education, opportunities, and positive relationships are the formula for hope and success in our community. 

The following summer opportunities will help our kids learn about themselves and connect with their community:

Become A Lifeguard –
Explore Tech Camps –
Get Outside –
Grow A Garden –
Join A Camp –
Learn To Golf –
Learn to Swim –
Play A Sport –
Read a Book –

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