Local Artists Immortalize Crescent Heights in Mural Form

The Burg’s murals have had an intangible economic impact on the city. From the original mural alley on the 600 Block, featuring works by Chad Mize, Tes One, Derek Donnelly and Thirst McFly, to Pixel Pancho’s larger than life creation at the corner of 3rd Avenue South and 7th Street South, the Sunshine City has transformed into an open-air gallery.

14723078_181301945652153_8036598132596801536_n   *Mural by Pantonio

Murals fuel cultural and economic growth

These community beautifiers drive foot traffic to the area’s now thriving arts and business districts, and also help drum up interest in the nearby condos/apartments under development. Art is a profound catalyst for spiritual growth and fiscal maturation. For St. Pete, murals have immortalized the history and character of the city while blowing up our national reputation.

aliceinwonderland   *Mural by Sarah Sheppard

Whether you’re ensnared by the War Of The Worlds-inspired Pier design on the side of the Blue Goose, or find yourself transfixed by Chad Mize’s Mr. Sunshine, an insignia for St. Pete, each time you gaze at these murals you’re garnering a deeper understanding of our city’s past while simultaneously being filled with the promise of St. Pete’s future.

crescentheightsmural   *Mural by DAAS and Cecilia Lueza

Crescent Heights tells its story through art

The Crescent Heights Neighborhood, something of a hidden gem amongst the medley of historic areas in the Burg, worked with the City of St. Pete to develop two giant murals that highlight the area’s rich history and jubilant present. Artists Derek Donnelly, Dass and Cecilia Lueza were tapped to complete the project.

crescentheights_II   *Mural by Derek Donnelly

Daas and Lueza created a mural depicting the natural beauty of Crescent Heights. A Blue Jay and Cardinal of monolithic proportions gaze out at 4th Street from the wall on the side of J Wags. At the corner of 9th Avenue North and 26th Street, Derek Donnelly has constructed a piece titled Angels and Demens. The piece is a tapestry of wonder; lush trees create emerald borders on the wall as a steampunk train veers off to place far away.

14504735_1108900529201023_5359067837543481344_n   *Mural by Geary “Rasta” Taylor

Redevelopment begins with community beautification projects

The murals will be unveiled on April 2 during a Crescent Heights Neighborhood Celebration. Mayor Kriseman and other city officials will be in attendance. Over the past several months, artists have worked exhaustively to add art to all areas of St. Pete. In Midtown, fiery paintings of Ella Fitzgerald (Zulu Painter) and Prince (Geary “Rasta” Taylor) add music and passion to the district on the rise.

Want to explore all the art popping up on the walls around St. Pete? View our mural tour video or browse Shine’s helpful mural map.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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