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10 years and 160+ murals later, SHINE continues to transform St. Pete into an open-air art gallery

10 years and 160+ murals later, SHINE continues to transform St. Pete into an open-air art gallery

pink and blue mural on a large brick building
Local artist Leo Gomez painted this large scale mural in the Grand Central District during SHINE

SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival is one of the biggest events of the year in the Sunshine City. It’s operated here in the ‘Burg for 10 years, and organizers have just begun unveiling major events coming to the city this October. Follow SHINE on Facebook to keep up with the latest event details and artist announcements.

In just under 10 years, this celebrated mural festival has added more than 160 works of public art to the city. 68 local artists have participated in the event, in addition to artists from 18 different countries and 14 different states. This international art convergence happens over the course of 2 weeks in the fall, and for SHINE Director Jenee Priebe, it’s basically “the Super Bowl.”


a yellow and blue mural on the side of a warehouse
Artist: Andrea Wan; Location: Trails Edge, 155 17th St S

SHINE Mural Festival turns St. Pete into an open-air art gallery

“Something about [SHINE] called to me,” says Priebe. The eponymous steward of St. Pete murals began her tenure with the event back in 2015 as a volunteer. At the time, Priebe was a stay-at-home mom with a budding passion for the arts. Priebe continued to volunteer in 2016 and 2017, and became an official part of the team in 2018.

While the festivities occur in October, the planning for this festival takes all year. Fielding artist submissions, sourcing new walls, working with sponsors, and coordinating travel is a huge undertaking. But, Priebe says, “we’re a well oiled machine at this point.”

A planning board meets about once a month ahead of the event, and a host of volunteers are out on the streets of the Sunshine City assisting with hospitality needs, delivering supplies, and coordinating parking, lifts, and more.


Large orange mural with a sunset
Artist: Chenlin Cai & The James Museum ; Location: 1927 4th Ave S

Artists from around the world participate in the event

“Murals are a huge part of our culture here in St. Pete,” Priebe says. “It speaks to the power of public art, it can totally change your experience of your home.”

Public art has been a key tourism driver in the ‘Burg. It’s not just about the quantity of murals in the ‘Burg, but the quality of the art all over our downtown area.

SHINE is not without its local supporters. Reflection St. Pete is the event’s first title sponsor. The residence arriving in Mirror Lake will soon have a SHINE mural of its own. The City of St. Pete has sponsored SHINE every year since its inception.

a colorful mural painted on a pillar outside a church
Artist: Max Sansing; Location: Trinity Lutheran Church, 401 5th St N

Local businesses help support the mural festival

Others such as Great Bay Distributors, Denson Law Firm, Regions Bank, and Tampa Bay Rays and Rowdies have all thrown their considerable support behind SHINE.

The opening exhibition for the 2024 event is a love letter to everyone who has ever contributed to the mural festival. Artists from all 10 years of SHINE will participate in a gallery that will be on view beginning October 11 at the Morean Arts Center (719 Central Avenue).

“This is why I love St. Pete; this is why I moved here,” notes Priebe at the end of our conversation. “Each year we get flooded with positive feedback from the community and the artists…it’s so moving. St. Pete’s love for this event is palpable.”

a mura featuring large flamingos
Artist: Bunny Reiss; Location: MTBH Studios, 2700 Central Ave

SHINE 2024 Events:


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