St. Pete legend Kissin’ Cuzzins will stay as is after pending sale to manager

St. Pete legend Kissin’ Cuzzins will stay as is after pending sale to manager

Kissin’ Cuzzins is one of the mosts legendary breakfast joints in the city of St. Petersburg. The restaurant originally opened in 1961 and during its tenure has become a revered family-friendly dining spot in the ever bustling Sunshine City. I still have dreams about their massive sweet potato pancakes. This spot also does not skimp on its fruit bowls, and that is super appreciated. Back in 2022 the restaurant was put on the market, and much to this blogger’s delight it looks like the restaurant is staying as is.

A stack of sweet potato pancakes covered in powdered sugar and whipped cream

The news was first brought to our attention when a local resident tweeted: “Delicious breakfast. I remember my first visit, in 1975, with both sides of my family to celebrate my First Holy Communion. Hadn’t been in years, but got the intel that while the business did sell, the manager bought it and it’s staying put. Glad to see this.” Looks like longtime manager Rick Campbell is ready to take up the breakfast mantel. The good news was confirmed following a recent Sunday visit to the beloved diner.


St. Pete Rising also confirmed the information and has a fantastic interview with owner Gerry Rice about the sale that you can read here.

The veggie omelette with hash browns | a quick look at the full Kissin Cuzzins menu

Kissin’ Cuzzins is a St. Pete breakfast hotspot

The owner Gerry Rice was ready to officially retire after decades of serving the ‘Burg when he first listed the property back in the summer. Rice has been holding down the fort of his family business for decades, and we are delighted to see that someone with equal the passion for this city (and breakfast food) is helping the restaurant’s legacy live on.

“This one-owner restaurant building & business has been owned by the same family (The Rice Family) since the day it was built and since its’ grand opening in 1961,” wrote Rice in the property listing. “For over 60 years, it has consistently remained highly profitable as a most favorite family restaurant in St Petersburg.”

Inside Kissin Cuzzins | Diners line up to take their spot at one of the old school booths

Serving 7 days a week for more than 60 years

Kissin Cuzzins is open 7 days a week at 951 34th Street North from 8am-2pm. Follow the restaurant on Facebook for a look at the menu and some of their specialities.

You can still view the listing online.


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