Homemade Broadcast: Rebekah Pulley’s Long Journey Home

Rebekah Pulley sat down at the microphone with ease.  She’s used to it, she’s been in front of one for a long time performing around various venues across Tampa Bay for years.  The years of practice have paid off, she’s one of the few musicians in the area who can call this her job, her full time gig.  It’s a career that doesn’t always pay well but the perks can make it worth it.  There is no 401K or health insurance but there are a lot of late night up laughing with friends and experiences that most of us will only be able to dream of.

I sat down with Rebekah to talk about her growing up on the road.  From Alaska to Texas and the road in between. It was often long and tedious to be jammed into a car with her brothers and sisters, back and fourth and back again until she finally made it home.  She speaks highly of our “isolated peninsula” where the culture seems to radiate inward into our Sunshine City and why she chose St. Pete to finally set down those roots on episode 185 of The Homemade Broadcast.

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wk1Will Kuncz is a clown, writer and broadcaster living in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I host The Homemade Broadcast and City Hall Broadcast for RadioStPete.com and am the founder of the HMBradio Network.  My life is a constant tightrope walk of wanting to be taken serious while not being taken seriously.

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Written by Dex Fabian

Dex Fabian

Dex Fabian is the co-founder of I Love the Burg and That's So Tampa. A graphic designer by trade, Dex has been witness to Tampa Bay's explosion to become one of the hottest regions in the nation. In 2009, he helped develop the brand for I Love the Burg and in 2014 developed the branding for That's So Tampa and has been a regular contributor to both ever since.