Hidden Gems of the Burg: The Historic Vintin Hotel

Hidden Gems of the Burg: The Historic Vintin Hotel

Located inside a historic building in St Pete’s popular Grand Central District, the historic Vintin Hotel is a stylish and affordable place to crash, play and mingle.

Opening under the radar in October, the Vintin offers guests Art Deco inspired rooms along with a host of amenities including a massage and wellness center, classic game room, social lobby and guest library.


The Courtyard at the Vintin Hotel is an exceptional testament to the imagination and boundless creativity of the art community in St. Pete. The full-size murals, dramatically blurring the lines between realism and fantasy, bring a remarkable life-force to the space.

Upcoming bar and restaurant

Coming late next year, guests will be able to enjoy a blending of the best seafood and turf selections from the basic American palate with a distinct Polynesian flair.

Called the Hive Bar & Restaurant, the restaurant takes its name from the Vintin J. Hive himself. It borrows liberally from his stack of tall tales and culinary adventures in the creation of a refreshingly unique dining experience—one that takes you away to the banks of the South Pacific without breaking your personal bank account here at home.

Proud history in the Grand Central District

Image via Striderv

Built in 1926, the Mari-Jean Hotel building is significant for its association with the development of the tourism industry in St. Petersburg during the 1920s. Built during the city’s golden era of hotels, the hotel with its fifty-six rooms and baths reflects the changing character of the city’s lodging industry from small boarding homes to the larger sized hotels built during the Florida Land Boom Era.


Unlike the larger hotels built in the 1920s, the Mari-Jean was operated by its owners for over thirty-four years until 1970. In addition, throughout its duration as a hotel the Mari-Jean operated seasonally, closing its doors after tourists left with the onset of the summer heat.

The Mari-Jean is also significant for its association with the development of Mediterranean Revival in St. Petersburg and Florida during the 1920s. The style flourished as Florida’s communities imaginatively promoted themselves as fantasy lands, but also with a view to creating “antiquity” in hopes of competing with the ambience and elegance of European travel destinations.

The dramatic flair of the Vintin is reflective of St. Pete’s ‘Mediterranean Revival’ phase, originally popularized during the 1920s, but still reminiscent in every detail of the hotel.

Location and contact info

Vintin Hotel is located at 2349 Central Avenue. You can learn more about the hotel and make a reservation by visiting their website, emailing [email protected] or by calling (855)534-9333

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