Gulfport unveils 14-foot gecko statue – ‘G. Gordon McFly’

Gulfport unveils 14-foot gecko statue – ‘G. Gordon McFly’

The gecko statue on the beach in Gulfport

The city of Gulfport unveiled a beautiful new statue over Labor Day Weekend in one of the most on-brand ways possible for the beloved quirky and eclectic town. G. Gordon McFly is a 14-foot-tall skateboarding gecko now welcoming locals and visitors alike to embrace the spirit of Gulfport.

The statue was unveiled as part of the festivities for the 22nd-Annual Gulfport Geckofest, complete with a dramatic debut just before sunset at the culmination of the Geckofest parade. The brightly-painted sculpture is located right on the sand at the south end of Beach Boulevard, next to the historic Gulfport Casino.

G. Gordon McFly is the creation of celebrated Gulfport artist Ray Domingo. Gulfport newspaper The Gabber reports that Domingo first pitched the idea to the city by proposing the creation of “a piece that would speak to Gulfport’s eclectic side and give Gulfport a new landmark and selfie spot.”

Selfies will certainly be in abundance for the giant skateboard-riding Gecko (complete with a headset, presumably tuned in to something chill). The project was possible, The Gabber said, as a result of the city covering half the cost of the sculpture, while Domingo was able to raise enough funds on his own to make up the rest of the cost.

The statue is a fitting addition for a city already replete with art and personality. The blossoming community is also becoming quite the food and drink destination, as several new(er) additions have popped up alongside long-time staples like Pia’s and O’Maddy’s. If you haven’t yet checked out Gulfport Brewery + Eatery or the Dog Pier Hot Dog Shop, add both to you list after your gecko selfie.

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