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Green Light Cinema, St. Pete’s first arthouse theatre, opens October 2

Green Light Cinema, St. Pete’s first arthouse theatre, opens October 2

Exterior of St. Petersburg's Indie Movie Theatre, with a "Green Light St. Pete" sign

It’s finally here. Green Light Cinema, an arthouse movie theatre in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg officially opens on October 2 with a screening of the acclaimed film The Nest12-Hour Shift will cycle in the following weekend. This has been a long time coming for visionary owner and cinephile Mike Hazlett.

Hazlett, of course, is taking every precaution necessary ahead of opening in the Sunshine City. This includes creating a spacious theatre. There’s 5+ feet between each row of seats, and screenings are limited to around 30 guests. Greenlight’s online reservation platform automatically blocks out the seats around your selected spot when you check out.



Masks will also be required upon entry. Those watching films should wear their mask while seated, but can of course remove if they’re enjoying some concessions.


I was lucky enough to get a preview of Green Light last week and, between the picture quality and the sound system, and it is a totally immersive experience. The film-loving community of St. Pete can once again safely come together to experience art from around the world.

For now, Green Light will open for screenings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s also launching a virtual cinema so you can even support the locally-owned business from the comfort of home.

Green Light is resplendent on the inside. Posters for “Fargo,” and “Paris is Burning,” among other cinematic greats line the walls. A couch is bordered by two illuminant palm trees. From the second you step foot inside, you’re enchanted with old school movie magic.

Yes, classic concessions are available.

You’ll have your go-to candies and popcorn, of course, in addition to some treats from St. Pete favorite Katie’s Fine Cookies. Beer and wine may also become available at the theatre down the road.

Green Light St. Pete is located right around the corner from 2nd & Second at 221 2nd Avenue North.

Follow the theatre on Instagram and its website for official updates.

Green Light is also a community space. Residents hoping to screen retro flicks have already reached out to the theatre. The space could also serve as a venue for corporate events, and private parties.

Click HERE to learn more about theatre rental.

It’s no small feat to open a small business. In times like these it is paramount we do what we can to support the institutions that enhance the identity of the ‘Burg. Greenlight is a new fixture in the cultural and arts renaissance of the Sunshine City and if we want it to thrive we need to show it support.

Here’s Greenlight’s full COVID-19 safety policy:

  • Wear a mask upon entering and moving about the space-the golden rule
  • Patience and kindness go a long way in dealing with this situation
  • We are cashless
  • Tickets will be reserved seating at this time
  • We have 6 feet between rows and will have empty seats between groups
  • All new HVAC, bathrooms and concessions
  • Cleaning between screenings
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes throughout space

Time for some movie magic

Do you remember your first movie theater experience? Mine was “Toy Story.” I was captivated by nearly every second of that film. The vibrant animation, the charismatic voice acting, the venture into the interior lives of inanimate objects. I was too young to understand the kind of labor and time that goes into creating a full-length animated classic like that, but I was still in awe.

That set me on the cinephile path. I devoured everything I could from my local video store (remember those?). Films such as “Harold and Maude,” “Suspiria,” “8mm,” “Paris, Texas,” “Slacker,”  “Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse,” “Come and See,” “Blue Velvet,” and “In the Mood for Love” changed the way I saw the medium. Many of those I was lucky to see courtesy of the arthouse movie theatre just a town over from me.

Movie theaters can be portals of discovery, and that’s exactly what Greenlight St. Pete is set to be.




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