Brutalist Brewing taking over Flying Boat Brewing facility and tap room

Brutalist Brewing taking over Flying Boat Brewing facility and tap room

Inside the brewery and a dark beer
Photos courtesy Flying Boat Brewing

Big news came this week for St. Pete’s beer scene. Longtime staple Flying Boat Brewing Co. announced today that they have sold their tap room and brewing facility to Tampa-based brewery and coffee roastery King State. The name of the new brewery will be Brutalist Brewing, and they are expected to have something in the works for food, as well.

While King State will be taking over the facility with their own concept, there’s still good news for Flying Boat fans. The brewery announced that they will still brew their beer in the same building, but will do so as a contract brewer under King State. Five of their beers will even remain on tap at Brutalist Brewing, in addition to others who will be contact brewing in the facility.

Additionally, Flying Boat will also use this as an opportunity expand into multiple locations, including another tap room somewhere in St. Pete. The brewery is also looking at locations in Clearwater, Tampa and even Tavares.

“Please join our awesome flight crew in good cheer and awesome beers as we celebrate 2022,” the brewery said.

In a related move, Shiso Crispy, the cult-favorite Japanese food truck, announced that it will be pulling its trailer from Flying Boat at the end of the month and setting up permanently at Par Bar in the Grand Central District.


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