Edge Eatery celebrates grand opening on Central Ave

Edge Eatery celebrates grand opening on Central Ave

The interior of Edge Eatery

After much anticipation, the beautiful new Edge Eatery has has its grand opening today at 1572 Central Avenue in the EDGE District, on the ground floor of the Fusion building. The sparkling new space features three unique food concepts in its main cafeteria, plus an upscale lounge hidden behind the eatery area, giving it a total of five different bars.

The long awaited food hall, bar and lounge soft opened two weeks ago, and is celebrating the grand opening this weekend with a massive party in The District Lounge on Friday, July 15. Now fully in operation, Edge Eatery is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a stellar weekend brunch.


Edge Eatery’s concepts include the Italian Carne D’Vino, The Cuban Sandwicherie, and the Colombian-inspired Sangrias at Saint Pete. In the back, The District Lounge is an upscale listening room with high-end cocktails and a live DJ on weekends. Situated in the main hall next to Sangrias at Saint Pete, the Edge Eatery bar has a full specialty cocktail menu and a complete list of beer, wine and other spirits.

Carne D’Vino offers gourmet pizzas cooked to order, hot paninis, croissant sandwiches, baguettes and more. The counter also offers espresso drinks and other refreshments.

The Cuban Sandwicherie showcases authentic Cuban cuisine, with six different Cuban sandwiches, plus pastries, quesitos, tostadas, croquettes, and other savory baked goods. The bar also offers pina coladas, margaritas, and juices.


Meanwhile, Sangrias at Saint Pete offers a delicious array of Colombian dishes, including three types of ceviche, chicharrons, tostones, empanadas, yuca, grilled shrimp and more. The bar menu at Sangrias includes, of course, sangria by the glass or pitcher, plus sodas, juice, beer, tea, and wine.

The District Lounge brings VIP listening bar experience to EDGE District

The District Lounge at Edge Eatery

The (literal) hidden gem inside Edge Eatery is The District Lounge, which can be found around the corner through corner in hallway exiting the main cafeteria. Inside the door is a gorgeous 40-person lounge showcasing high-end craft cocktails, bottle service, and a nightly DJ. While the lounge may eventually open every day, it is currently open Thursday-Sunday nights.

Perhaps the most unique feature of The District Lounge is that the DJ booth is built into the bar, putting the DJ behind the bar alongside the bartenders, and bringing them directly into the bar-going festivities for guests. That design is an important part of the experience, where guests and DJs will be able to interact throughout the evening.

The District Lounge is open now in a soft open phase, and will soon include a full tapas menu and an extensive cocktail program upon fully opening. In a unique and tasty twist, the lounge will have six cocktails on its menu that are prepared and delivered in completely edible vessels. So after your drink, you already have a snack in hand. It is currently first-come, first-served for seating, but reservations will be available (and recommended) after the grand opening.

Stay tuned to I Love the Burg for more updates on the Edge Eatery.

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