Eckerd College awarded grant to reduce single-use plastics on campus

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Eckerd College, a local liberal arts college joins the Tampa Bay community in the initiative to curb the single-use plastics on campus.

According to their website, Eckerd was awarded a $115,124 grant from the NOAA Marine Debris Program to support their effort to reduce single-use plastic on campus. This grant gives Eckerd students the opportunity to conduct research on campus-wide plastic consumption and implement plans to reduce their single-use waste.

St. Pete works toward eliminating single-use plastics

The students have stated that their goal is to teach the community about the results of using single-use plastics, and how students, faculty, and staff can reduce their plastic consumption.

They join the ranks of Black Crow Coffee (the first zero-waste coffee shop in Florida) and the Florida Aquarium (launched the Skip the Straw campaign with That’s So Tampa).

Eckerd Students will also be using this funding to host beach cleanups throughout the semester, so keep an eye on their calendar for upcoming events. You can also follow the students efforts through their Instagram page.

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Written by Kacy Vance

Kacy Vance

Kacy is a freelance writer for I Love the Burg. She graduated from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with a degree in Mass Communications and Criminology. Her thesis on Deaf and Disability representation in the media was published as part of the DePauw University Ethics Symposium in 2018.