Daddy Kool Records to join The Factory St. Pete in 2020

Daddy Kool Records to join The Factory St. Pete in 2020

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Do you love Daddy Kool? Of course you do. We all do. The music hub had long been a staple on the 600 Block before moving to a larger space in the Warehouse Arts District. The record store hosts monthly night markets, live music, and is home to one of the most expansive record collections in all of Tampa Bay.

So it makes sense that in 2020 it would join The Factory, a sprawling immersive arts, entertainment, food + drink concept. Like we said before, if you’re not following The Factory on Facebook and Instagram, you should change that ASAP.


The massive creative destination in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg is already set to house Fairgrounds, an artist created immersive experience. Residents got a taste of what they can expect from the 12,000-square-foot experimental art exhibit with a live mermaid show at the SHINE finale.

Additional concepts such as the eclectic coffee/art/music hub Black Crow Coffee will also open at The Factory next year.

A rendering form Behar Peteranecz Architects showcases what the future home of Daddy Kool Records will look like.

Keep up with all of the progress by following The Factory St. Pete on Facebook and Instagram. The Factory St. Pete is located at 2788 Fairfield Avenue South.



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