‘Burg Bits:’Burg Listed as Global Hotspot & Enigma to Open on Central

‘Burg Bits:’Burg Listed as Global Hotspot & Enigma to Open on Central

St. Pete is a Must-Hit Destination

*Photo via Donna Hoff

Delta Sky Magazine, the most read in-flight magazine in the world, surveyed the globe for the 15 international hot spots every traveler must visit. Ranking 10th, squeezed between London and Amsterdam is the Sunshine City. The magazine regarded the Dali Museum’s helical stairway while noting local favorites like the Chihuly Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts and our haven of euro cuisine and irreverence, The Queens Head.  

Enigma Club On Central Avenue

*Photo via Examiner

The upscale bar and dance club known as Enigma is almost ready for its grand opening in the Burg. The club promises to offer a dynamic mix of signature cocktails, mind altering music, refined amenities and an atmosphere that invites all Central pedestrians and night owls to take part in the righteouss fun. Enigma is defined as anything that is mysterious, puzzling or difficult to understand. This club isn’t so tightly bound to the primitive definition. The club defies the prospect of comprehension, more than grasping some altruistic point to its insertion in the downtown scene, Enigma desires to provide the simple euphoria of a good night in nice clothes with artisan drinks and new friends. The club will be located at 1110 Central Avenue in the former Interior Motives building. The owners hope to open before the end of the month. 

Mayor’s Youth Showcase Application Deadline Approaching

TASCO Teen Programs is pleased to present the 3rd annual Youth Showcase of Achievement. Showcase of Achievement categories include Academic Achievement, Scholar Athlete, Citenship or Leadership, Fine, Literary, Performing and Media Arts, Scienc Tech, Vocational Enterprise and Overcoming Adversity. Details regarding eligibility in each category can be found on the event’s official site along with information regarding how to apply. Nomination deadline is April 11. A panel of judges will determine the top 3 finalists in each category. All nominations will be recognized at the Showcase of Achievement on May 13 from 7-9pm. Winners in each category will recieve a $300 savings account and more. Showcase will take place at the Mahaffey Theater, 400 1st St S.

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