St. Pete declared the best-run city in Florida by WalletHub

St. Pete declared the best-run city in Florida by WalletHub

The St. Pete skyline viewed from the St. Pete Pier
Photo courtesy City of St. Pete

St. Pete was already our favorite city in Florida, and now a new ranking has shown that it’s the best-run city in the state, too. WalletHub released its annual list of the best (and worst) run cities in the country, and St. Petersburg earned top honors in Florida, ranking No. 41 overall in the entire country.

The ranking measured the budgets of the 150 biggest cities in the country and compared them to the quality of services the cities provide. The resulting numbers represent an effort to deduce how much each city is doing with the resources available. Of the 150 cities on the list, St. Petersburg checked in at 28th overall in the U.S. for “Quality of City Services” and 54th for total budget per capita, giving it a final rank of No. 41.


Other rankings for notable Florida cities included Miami (75th overall), Jacksonville (78), Tallahassee (80), and Tampa (84). Hialeah was the second-highest ranked city in Florida, checking in at 53.

The Quality of City Services ranking comprised 38 different factors, but the primary categories were financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure/pollution. St. Pete finished second only to Austin, Texas in economic strength, thought its weakest category was the corresponding financial stability (91st overall), perhaps an indication of the rapid growth the city has seen over the last two years.

The Burg earned rankings of 34th for education, 87th for health, 72nd for safety, and 17th for infrastructure and pollution. Read more about the findings here.

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