Where to find St. Pete’s best hot dogs

Where to find St. Pete’s best hot dogs

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Nothing screams “AMERICA!” like an overcooked, dad-made hot dog on the Fourth of July.

You know—like the wrinkled skin type that’s somehow colder than room temperature despite being recently charred to oblivion. If you’re lucky, a good potato bun can salvage a bad dog, but usually dad over-toasts that, too.


This summer, it’s time to ditch the DIY meats. From Tyrone Square to Central Ave, St. Pete is full of experienced chefs roasting, grilling and blow-torching juicy links to perfection.

Wondering where to grab those weenies? Here are the ‘Burg’s best hot dog spots.

The Spots:

Engine No. 9

Engine No. 9’s hot dogs are 9 inches long, made with 100% Vienna beef and available in three varieties.

The best one? We vote for the “No.9” dog—which comes topped with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon and American cheese—though the giant “Corn Doggie” is a close second.

56 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N

A chicago style hot dog on a poppy seed bun set on a piece of blue and white tissue paper
Photo via Portillo’s

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo’s may be a chain, but there’s a reason their hot dogs are famous. From their spongy buns to drippy links, this Midwestern-based restaurant has nearly perfected the art of the fast food dog.

Though the spot is known for their classic “Chicago Dog,” our favorite is hands-down the “Char-Grilled Maxwell Street Polish Sausage” pictured above.

2302 Tyrone Blvd N

Pacific Counter

For years, Pacific Counter has been a St. Pete fan-favorite for poké and dole whip. Recently, however, the spot launched a hot dog menu that is one of the most unique in the ‘Burg.

With destination-inspired creations such as the “Hawaiian Dog” (chili aioli, sweet Hawaiian salsa and sesame seeds) and the “Bahn Mi Dog” (cucumber, jalapeno, daikon, avocado lime dressing), Pacific Counter’s links will take your tastebuds on a culinary journey.

660 Central Ave

Photo courtesy of Dog Pier

Dog Pier Hot Dog Shop

Dog Pier Hot Dog Shop is one of the newest restaurants in the ‘Burg, but their masterfully cooked dogs prove that age is but a number. Coming in 13 different varieties, each of the spot’s weenies are all-beef and charred to perfection.


And even better? They’re only $3 a piece, which make them the perfect grab-and-go.

3121 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport

Ted Peter’s Famous Smoked Fish

Sometimes simplicity is key, and no restaurant does “simple” quite like Ted Peter’s. Known for their no-nonsense slabs of smoked fish, the classic spot takes a similar approach to hot dogs.

Served on a toasted bun with condiments on the side, Ted Peter’s gives its meat plenty of room to shine. And—with perfectly crispy skin and incredible thickness—shine it certainly does.

1350 Pasadena Ave S

Nah Dogs

St. Pete has a thriving vegan community, so it makes sense that Nah Dogs—the ‘Burg’s 100% plant-based hot dog cart—would serve some of the city’s best weenies.

Soft and juicy, it’s hard to tell that these dogs are animal-product free. Especially when they come dripping in pimento ‘cheese,’ smothered in garlic mayo, or covered in crispy fried onions.


Location varies. The cart’s location can be tracked by clicking here.

Bruce’s Chicago Grill and Dog House

If weenie size matters to you, look no further than Bruce’s Chicago Grill and Dog House in Largo. This St. Pete-adjacent gem—we guarantee—will serve you the biggest dog in the ‘Burg.

Don’t believe us? Order the “Dogzilla.” The delicious link, which is imported from Chicago, weighs half a pound.

7733 Ulmerton Rd, Largo

The Half Baked Potato

The absolute best hot dog is one whose skin cracks and pops when you bite into it. In St. Pete, no one has mastered that crispy, juicy bite better than The Half Baked Potato.

By boiling their notably thick weenies first and then quickly blow torching them, the restaurant’s team has developed a way to keep the inside of their dogs super moist while simultaneously finishing them with a perfect skin char. Between that flawless cook and the crazy toppings—think peanut butter and voodoo chips—they are covered in, The Half Baked Potato’s hot dogs are probably the best in the ‘Burg.

1626 Central Ave


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