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Burg Guides: The best breweries to visit in St. Pete

Burg Guides: The best breweries to visit in St. Pete

People outside at Bayboro Brewing

Of the many things St. Petersburg is rich in – arts, waterfront dining, parks, etc. – one of the city’s greatest perks is the absolute wealth of craft breweries. Like churches in a small town, there’s one on seemingly every corner.

The explosion of beer in the area has made the ‘Burg a popular tourist destination for craft drinkers nationwide. So much so that the greater St. Pete-Clearwater area has even earned the punny nickname ‘The Gulp Coast’ in honor of the more than 50 breweries in the region. If you include breweries in Tampa (and you should, if you have time) around ¼ of Florida’s 400+ breweries can be found within an easy drive of downtown St. Pete. It’s crazy to think that back in 2013, there were only two in the city – Green Bench and 3 Daughters Brewing.


Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, but that’s what this list is for. The great news is that St. Pete has two main hubs for breweries, meaning you can park (or Uber) once and then go on foot for the rest of your tour, either in downtown or in the Grand Central District. That said, there are several other great breweries nearby that are worth visiting but don’t fit into an easy walking tour, so we’ll be sure to mention those, too. And as a reminder: you can get to and from nearly all of these for free if you take the PSTA SunRunner, an excellent way to catch a ride and drink responsibly.

The DTSP walking brewery tour

Photo courtesy: St. Pete Brewing Company

The first cluster of breweries is downtown, where all five are within a block of Central Avenue. While there are fewer overall breweries here than in Grand Central, downtown also has some of the best craft beer bars, including The Ale and The Witch closer to the water. These are great spots to get a wide sampling of local, regional, and even international craft brews.

Cycle Brewing

With an atmosphere welcoming a hip clientele, Cycle does a lot in a smaller space. The lengthy bar boasts a similarly long tap list, often celebrated for its stouts, porters and barrel-aged offerings. Stay inside with the AC, or take your pints out to the patio for people watching on Central Ave.


One to try: Cream And Sugar, Please (Porter)

534 Central Ave

Green Bench Brewing Company

One of the O.G.s in town, Green Bench is also one of the most popular. It’s more downtown-adjacent than it is downtown-proper, but it’s worth the walk for their deep selection of IPAs and sours. Outdoor seating abounds, offering a great spot to bring along any four-legged friends.

One to try: Skyway Hazy Double IPA

1133 Baum Ave

Overflow Brewing Company

Overflow is the kind of place where you walk in and say, “Yep, this is St. Pete.” The cozy downtown spot is oozing with personality and filled with quirky color and art. They have a large selection of beer, with a specialty in sours, and the piles of games to play help keep you there even longer. Carve out plenty of time for Overflow.

770 1st Ave N

St. Pete Brewing Company

Named for the hometown, St. Pete Brewing keeps it local all the way through. Here, you get some of the things the ‘Burg is best known for: friendly service, outdoor seating, and great beer. Plus, they have games to play and events all the time, including a regular trivia night.

One to try: St. Pete Orange Wheat

544 1st Ave N

Grand Central District provides hop-fueled paradise

Photo courtesy: 3 Daughters Brewing

If downtown is the appetizer, then St. Pete’s Grand Central District is the main course. Thanks to its history as a warehouse and manufacturing district, this neighborhood is ready-made to support the facilities that breweries need. In fact, the seven breweries in the area have their own website and map celebrating the district’s plethora of craft breweries.

3 Daughters Brewing

The biggest brewery in St. Pete, 3 Daughters uses its space to make sure there’s something for everyone. The tasting room offers more than 40 taps of beer, cider, hard seltzer and even sangria, while the big stage in their warehouse is home to live music every weekend and regular events throughout the week like trivia and musical bingo.

One to try: Florida Orange IPA

222 22nd St S

Bayboro Brewing Co.

One of the newest breweries in town, Bayboro also has some of the straight-up best beers around. It might be hard to find the place (keep an eye out for the big arrow that says “BEER”), but it’s more than worth the effort. An expansive beer garden is home to A) sunshine and B) regular outdoor events.

2390 5th Ave S

Cage Brewing

Cage gets the award for best personality in Grand Central, a popular tasting room with tons going on. Indoors or outdoors, covered or uncovered, Cage has plenty of space to enjoy the vast selection of house-brewed beers. Keep an eye on the schedule for food trucks, bands and plenty more.

One to try: Mango Bobs IPA

2001 1st Ave S

Grand Central Brewhouse

Before you even get to the part where you drink the beer, it’s hard not to be impressed by the beautiful new facility on Central Avenue. Grand Central specializes in lagers and pilsners, and the big two-story brewery features tons of open-air and outdoor seating, including the popular second floor balcony.

2340 Central Ave

If I Brewed The World

It may be the smallest brewery in St. Pete, but don’t let the size fool you. If I Brewed The World packs a lot into an intimate space. The constantly-rotating tap list has a lean toward the innovative and funky, providing something tasty and unique on a constant basis. You won’t find another place like it in town.

2200 1st Ave S

Pinellas Ale Works

PAW, as it’s called by locals and regulars, is exactly what the abbreviation implies: a dog-themed and dog-friendly brewery. The tap list is extensive and ever-changing, making flights a great option as a way to try a bunch. With trivia nights, dog-centric parties and a dedicated event space, there’s always something fun to do at PAW.

One to try: Milk Bone Stout

1962 1st Ave S

Right Around The Corner Arcade Brewery

Is it a brewery or is it an arcade? Yes. Yes to both. Featuring a selection of house-made beers and other local and domestic options, the big star here is the arcade. Suckers for nostalgia will spend an entire day playing everything from Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis to pinball and Pac-Man. What could be better than having a beer while you take down Bowser?

2244 Central Ave

The Brutalist Temple of Beer

OK, so technically they aren’t in Grand Central, but they’re darn close and their beer is dang good. From the masterminds behind Tampa’s King State Beer, The Brutalist dedicates itself to putting a spotlight on great ingredients and hop-forward brews. With food trucks, a relaxed beer garden and views directly into the brewhouse, The Brutalist is more than worth a visit or three.

1776 11th Ave N

Don’t miss these standalone stand-outs

Photo courtesy: Dissent Craft Brewing Company

While they may not be in the main beer pockets, these breweries are ones you still need to check out if you really want to do the St. Pete brewery tour right.

Dissent Craft Brewing Company

Imagine the grizzled guy sitting at the far end of the bar who has lived in St. Pete his entire life. If you ask him for his favorite brewery in town, Dissent is often his answer. Beloved by locals, Dissent is off the beaten path, and they’re completely cool with it. All they care about it is crafting great beer, and that passion shows after the very first sip.

5518 Haines Rd N

Sesh Brewing Company

The newest spot on this list, Sesh is also the most expansive in terms of what you can get. Not only do they have a rotating list of more than two dozen beers, ciders and seltzers on tap, they also have a full liquor bar with creative cocktails and house made sangria. House inside a historic and supposedly haunted building, Sesh also has a fantastic kitchen churning out elevated pub fare, fine dining dishes, and fresh catch fish.

2221 4th Street North

Gulfport Brewery + Eatery

In a town full of them, Gulfport Brewery is a hidden gem that locals have started to catch onto. The draft list may be smaller than some others, but they do a lot with the space available. The rotating beer list is consistently worth the drive, and the food from the kitchen constantly gets rave reviews.

3007 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport

Mad Beach Craft Brewing Company

Creativity is taken to the next level at Mad Beach, where the brews and bites alike dabble in the extreme and interesting (and consistently delicious). With a food menu as big as its tap list (around two dozen house-brewed taps rotate constantly), Mad Beach aims to please and surprise. Add in the tons of games and great location in John’s Pass, and you’re made in the shade.

12945 Village Blvd, Madeira Beach

Mastry’s Brewing Co

If you need the best beer made at America’s best beach, Mastry’s is your destination. Like any good beach bar, the best seating is outside under an umbrella where beer garden meets gulf oasis. In addition to beer and live music, their big draw is a fantastic kitchen, Pipo’s Pronto, featuring ceviche, kebabs and sandwiches, among plenty more.

One to try: Park Street Pils

7701 Blind Pass Rd, St. Pete Beach

Pee-Pa’s Garage Craft Brewery

In the home of a former auto shop, Pee-Pa’s Garage is a family-run passion project that just opened in Pinellas Park. The sprawling brewery and tasting room are housed in a former auto body shop, and Pee-Pa’s leans into the theme with garage decor, as well as fantastic craft brews.

6340 49th Street North

More breweries coming soon

Flying Boat Brewing Co. – After selling their building to King State, Flying Boat announced they will soon be opening multiple tasting rooms, including a yet-to-be-announced location in St. Pete.

Where’s Jubes – A brewpub and Australian grill, Where’s Jubes has already opened on the corner of Central Avenue and 4th Street in the old Lucky Dill, and while the bar is open daily, supply chain issues have pushed back the start of brewing. Ownership is hoping to start brewing and tapping their own beers soon, followed by a full kitchen.

Voodoo Brewery – The Pennsylvania-based brewery is opening its first Florida location at 220 4th Street North and expects to start pouring sometime in 2023, in addition to a full kitchen.

Golden Isles Brewing – The locally-owned microbrewery is set to become the first brewery in its neighborhood, bringing great beer and hot food to MLK St N.


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