An apple truck from Michigan is bringing fresh honeycrisp to St. Pete

An apple truck from Michigan is bringing fresh honeycrisp to St. Pete

photo of apples in a basket with cupcakes

A truck filled with apples fresh from orchards in Michigan is making a pit stop in the Tampa Bay region this fall. Yes, Georgia has its peaches, Florida has its citrus, and apparently Michigan has its apples. This is a perfect chance for folks in the Sunshine City to get the full orchard experience.

Growing up in Michigan, MariAnn and Dale Apley loved visiting the apple orchard as kids and eating apples right from the tree. It’s an autumn tradition throughout states up north.


The Apleys carry with them the memories of picking apples and running through the orchards on a sunny, crisp Fall day, and coming home to the smell of homemade Apple Pie & the comfort of a spoonful of homemade apple sauce.

They’ve passed the tradition down to their three kids who now all play a pivotal role at The Apple Truck. 

So, what makes Michigan apples different from other states? According to the Apple Truck owners, it is Michigan’s “unsalted” freshwater state.

The unique temperature and soil nutrients allow Michigan to produce juicy, crunchy, sweet, crisp apples.

Additionally, unlike other states, Michigan apples rarely need irrigation, and buying Michigan apples provides sustainability of their treasured freshwater resources.


The Apple Truck is set to arrive in Tampa on November 7 from , and then make a stop in St. Pete on November 12

You can order your apples for pickup in advance on The Apple Truck’s website

The Tampa location:

WestShore Plaza, 250 Westshore Boulevard

The St. Pete location:

Tyrone Square, 6901 22nd Ave N

It will also stop in Wesley Chapel on November 6 at the Tampa Premium Outlets on November 6 from 3:30-5pm.


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