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St. Pete’s first cat café, Sunshine Kitty, is open, and you can co-work with adoptable cats

St. Pete’s first cat café, Sunshine Kitty, is open, and you can co-work with adoptable cats

Exterior of a Cat Cafe

Update: Sunshine Kitty Cat Cafe is now closed at this location.

Sunshine Kitty Cat Cafe is officially open in St. Petersburg’s Grand Central District — you can visit the catfe at 1669 1st Avenue South. The space is open for lounge time, and for co-working! You can reserve times on the Sunshine Kitty website. There are capacity restrictions to assist with social distancing, and guests are required to wear masks during their visit.


Honestly, hanging out with these kittens is just a jolt of joy during a tough time. Yes, all the cats here are available for adoption courtesy of a partnership with Friends of Strays. Sunshine Kitty will host a special Meow And Improv With Cats event on Thursday December 3 at 6:30pm. Click HERE to reserve your slot.

In this 2 hour workshop taught by improv guru, John Huls, you will learn how to express yourself using your voice and your body (like a cat!). This fun class combines performing art with, you guessed it, kitties!

Here’s a glimpse of our visit to Sunshine Kitty Cat Café:


A totally unique experience in St. Petersburg

“The Catfe is a unique experience, adding the element of cats to the typical lounge and co-working setting. Enjoy locally sourced sips while relaxing or working in the company of adoptable cats acquired from our rescue partner, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter.” notes owner Amanda Jones on the Sunshine Kitty website. “The ‘Cat Lounge’ is a space which provides a relaxed, home-like environment where you’re able to interact with the free-roaming kitties who live there until they get adopted.

There are many, many reasons to love the ‘Burg. Our eclectic small business community continues to elevate our city’s spirit. I think one concept we are all going to need when this is all over is a Cat Cafe. One resident, Amanda Jones, worked tirelessly to bring it to the ‘Burg.

CLICK HERE to book your next visit to Sunshine Kitty Catfe lounge.

Co-work with adoptable cats

Yes, you can co-work with adoptable cats.

Reserve time to WORK OR STUDY in one of Sunshine Kitty’s 3 OFFICES while in the company of adoptable kitties!

Includes a furnished office spacious enough for proper social distancing, plus a secure wi-fi connection that is accessible only to our co-working guests. Price is per person per session. This experience is for ADULTS ONLY (ages 18+) and office/seat selection is on a first come, first served basis.

You can also purchase gift vouchers online.

How do you define a Cat Cafe

Sunshine Kitty Catfe works closely with their rescue partner, Friends of Strays, to ensure the well-being of all resident cats. The Catfe was able to open in the spring of 2020 amid the pandemic, and has found ways to safely serve the community and protect these cats in need.

“This COVID-19 wildcard has certainly been devastating, as we were just mere days away from opening before this all hit,” Jones told I Love the ‘Burg. “However, the Catfe is incredibly fortunate to have a kind and understanding landlord that has afforded us a little breathing room financially so we don’t have to rush to open ASAP in order to stay afloat.”

Support by shopping and donating online

Sunshine Kitty of course still has ongoing financial obligations each month, and any community support during this time would go a long way to support its future opening.

The best ways to support the Catfe are available by donating online.

“E-gift cards are a fantastic way to show support now while locking in a purrfect treat for yourself or your friends and family in the near future,” Jones notes. “The gift cards never expire and can be used for visits, snacks, drinks and merchandise at the Catfe.”

Sunshine Kitty has plenty of merch available on their online shop for eager visitors to purchase ahead of the opening.

Stay engaged with the Cat Cafe 

Jones asks that the community remain engaged with the concept on Social Media. Soon, they’ll be releasing an online survey to gain feedback about how the public feels about Catfe visits in general, what might make them more comfortable to visit as the pandemic continues, what would deter them from visiting right now, etc.

“The biggest things we ask of the community are understanding, compassion, and an open mind as our business model will have to shift quite drastically from what was originally outlined in order to keep our cats, visitors, and staff safe and healthy,” Jones said.

“These changes should be temporary, but everyone’s cooperation will be essential in limiting the spread of the virus. We want to be part of the solution, not add to the problem!”

Follow Sunshine Kitty on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all that’s happening at the Cat Cafe.


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