Prestigious Youth International Ballet Competition comes to St. Pete this March

Prestigious Youth International Ballet Competition comes to St. Pete this March

One of the world’s most prestigious dance competitions is coming to St. Pete this March. The acclaimed Youth International Ballet Competition is a showcase of the most talented young dancers from across the country, and the finals of the elite competition take place March 28-31 at the Mahaffey Theater. Tickets for individual rounds are available now.

The competition is a major destination for pre-professional ballet dancers where an extensive panel of ballet directors are invited to adjudicate, teach, and scout talent. This enables the competition to serve as a leading platform to discover potential and to offer educational and professional opportunities to top ballet programs.

Hosted by the non-profit ADC|IBC, the Youth International Ballet Competition features 250 finalists representing the most promising young talent in the country. In addition to competing for prizes, scholarships and even jobs, the competition is a learning opportunity for participants. As part of the ADC|IBC’s investment in the development of talented youth, dancers receive free training and teaching throughout the program.

Daily admission starts at $10 to see these incredible dancers perform. Rounds open to the public begin March 28, starting at 2 pm in the Mahaffey Theater. Qualifying competition continues through March 30, and the highest ranked dancers will perform again in the finals on March 31 from 6-8 pm.

Youth International Ballet Competition supports promising young dancers

ADC|IBC is a non-profit Youth International Scholarship Ballet Competition for all nationalities, ages 9-21, that was formed in 2005. In the years since, the organization has developed into a leader in its field with an ever-growing network that helps connect and facilitate the progress of professional training.

The event serves as an annual meeting ground for dancers, teachers, directors, choreographers, professionals, dance media, vendors and dance lovers. With more than $250,000 in scholarship funds being awarded each year through the collaborative efforts of the organization’s scholarship partners, they are able to carry out their non-profit mission to place students into professional training programs.

The 2021 competition, for example, led to 53 professional opportunities being offered, 190 summer program scholarships being dealt out, and more than 90 professional year-round training opportunities.

Each year, ADC awards more than $250,000 in scholarship and prizes. Learn more about the organization and its premier competition at

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