Arbor Source Pro Tips: How to protect your home, and your trees this season

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The winter season is upon us, St. Pete; however, if 2019 has taught us anything it is that the seasons fly by.

That’s where Arbor Source comes in. Yes, if your yard is flush with life-giving, shade-bringing trees, then you should probably have a certified arborist come around every now and again.

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Mature trees raise home values

Your trees are a considerable investment. They’re both aesthetically pleasing and increase the value of your home. Take that straight to the bank, Tampa Bay. Seriously, a mature tree can increase your property value by as much as 14%.

It makes sense that you’d want to take good care of them. Did you know you should be getting your trees checked at least every two years? Yea, neither did we. It’s important make sure the trees structural integrity is still intact. The certified arborists at Arbor Source are consistently educating themselves on the latest issues plaguing plantlike in Florida.

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Get your trees checked

Arbor Source detects defects in trees young and mature, provides soil density checks, and investigates for hazardous cavities.

Call the certified arborists at Arbor Source to thoroughly evaluate every tree on your property and recommend the sustainable tree care that’s right for your situation. No charge for the quote and no-obligation. Sign us up!

Best yet, whatever is trimmed/chopped down on your property is either recycled or turned into compost. It’s the circle of (a sustainable) life, St. Pete.

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Keeping Sunken Gardens beautiful 

If you want to see Arbor Source’s qualifications, look no further than the stunning Sunken Gardens. The arborists have cared for the trees at the state gem for the last five years.

Arbor Source has also done work on Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, and maintains a contract with the City of St. Petersburg.

The organization has operated in the Tampa Bay region for 10 years and offers tree services in St Pete, Clearwater, Belleair, Seminole, and the surrounding areas.

Follow Arbor Source on Facebook and visit the company’s website for more details about their services.


Written by Andrew Harlan

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