Wild candy shop, Rocket Fizz, set to open on the 600 Block in St. Pete

Street view of the 600 Block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, FL
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Hungry for Reptar Cereal, pickle soda, and/or edible geodes? Rocket Fizz, a wild and magical candy shop, has you covered. St. Pete Rising reports that the candy shop, which has locations all across Florida, including Tampa, will open in the former Daddy Kool spot on the 600 Block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg this year.

It’s your dentist’s worst nightmare.

Monday have you feeling a little crabby? Fix that mood with your favorite Rocket Fizz treat!#RocketFizz #pocky*items vary by location*

Posted by Rocket Fizz on Monday, August 19, 2019

If you have a sweet tooth, then Rocket Fizz is basically Cloud 9. The soda pop and candy shop has basically every candy you’ve ever loved, and a litany of sweet and sour treats you never knew existed.

Butter soda, bacon lip balm, individually wrapped fried chicken candies, and beer taffy are all available. Don’t worry, you can get the old familiars too. We’re talking about Twix, Milky Way bars, Kit Kats, M&Ms, and Milk Duds.

We'll take our bacon anyway we can get it!#RocketFizz #thirstythursday #lestersfixinsbaconsoda #bacon

Posted by Rocket Fizz on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Daddy Kool moved to a new spot in the Warehouse Arts District earlier in 2019. Rocket Fizz will sit next to other relative newcomers like Brass Bowl, Pacific Counter, and Maple Street Biscuit Company.

Are you sweet or sour on the Rocket Fizz’s arrival? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Andrew Harlan

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