The Juice Shack to open on 600 Block of Central, offering smoothies, sandwiches and more

The Juice Shack to open on 600 Block of Central, offering smoothies, sandwiches and more

A smoothie and a sandwich
Photos via The Juice Shack

A smoothie and juice bar is set to become the newest member of the beloved 600 Block of Central Avenue, as The Juice Shack announced its upcoming opening at 657 Central Avenue. In a recent Facebook post, owners said they expect to open in December.

The original Juice Shack (named The Juice Bar) was opened in West Virginia in 2020 by a mother-daughter team, and this new St. Pete location is their first venture out of the state. In addition to cold-pressed juices and fresh smoothies, The Juice Shack also offers a range of salads, acai bowls, sandwiches, sweets, and wellness shots.


Smoothie options range from fruity standards such as a tropical blend and the Green Machine, to sweet treats such as their Reese’s Cup, a strawberry PB&J, and a tempting Mochalota – coffee, frozen banana, raw cacao, honey, cinnamon, dark chocolate, almond milk, almond and butter.

There are a dozen different bottled juice options, each tailored to a specific bodily need. Paninis lead the handheld lineup, with options such as the Turkey Avo Bravo, a chicken salad melt, and a caprese. The Juice Bar also dishes up a range of topped toasts, with offerings like tuna salad, peanut butter banana, and a decadently-topped avocado toast.

The mother-daughter duo say it was their passion for juices and their belief in the importance of personal health that led them to open The Juice Shack.

“Cold pressed juice to us, is more than just the mind blowing nutrients that it provides our bodies with,” the website explains. “It is our story. It is what we love. It is our passion. It excites us, because we truly BELIEVE in our product. Zero preservatives, zero added sugar, made fresh IN HOUSE. Each of our juices, salads, smoothies, and bowls are homemade recipes that come from extensive research and multiple taste testings. We can only hope you love our stuff as much as we do!”

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