The Barn, an early childhood play and education center, opens in St. Pete

The Barn, an early childhood play and education center, opens in St. Pete

Two kids at The Barn

A new play and education center is set to make waves for children under five in St. Pete. Unlimited Pediatric Therapy announced the opening of The Barn by UPT, an educational and interactive center focused on building connections through socialization of children, while engaging them in quality education programs designed by Unlimited Pediatric Therapists.

The Barn, which officially opened this week, has a variety of classes for kids under five at all stages of development, including art exploration, food adventures, move and groove, talk and play, and caregiver connections. The class curriculum was curated to specifically highlight the main points of children’s development, while adding adaptations for varying abilities and reminding all that play is the best learning process. The Barn and its classes are led by an experienced and well-qualified team of experts, including developmental therapists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists.

Registration for classes is available now through their website, and The Barn is also hosting an open house block party on Saturday, April 1, from 10 am – 1 pm. Parents and their children will be able to see the classrooms, meet the teachers, and connect with others in the Barn community. The Barn is located at 10901 Danka Circle North in St. Pete.

Two children playing at The Barn
The staff of The Barn

Describing their approach as a “local village” style, The Barn functions as a supportive and inclusive community that works with families to help in raising children and addressing critical lifelines for kids. Their goal is to provide an inviting center where parents and caregivers can connect as they navigate the difficulties and celebrate the successes experienced with raising children.

The purpose is to strengthen families with children who have varying abilities in a supportive, inclusive and quality learning environment that will foster positive development, while nurturing lifelong connections with neighbors in the community.

At their facility, every room is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each little one’s development. The Barn offers expertly designed mommy-and-me style classes that cater to their creative minds and sense of adventure, while also offering feeding time, playtime activities like music and art, and a special area just for babies. Their rooms are truly crafted with little ones in mind, providing the perfect setting for learning and growing in a safe and comfortable environment.

Children at a table at The Barn

There are multiple options for enrolling kids in classes, with singular passes available, as well as a variety of membership options that fit any budget. Learn more at

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