St. Pete Gems: Fray’s Donut House, a ‘Burg institution since 1993

St. Pete Gems: Fray’s Donut House, a ‘Burg institution since 1993

Exterior of a drive thru donut shop

A good donut is the ultimate pleasure. Growing up, I desperately looked forward to the fall when I could indulge in fresh, hot cinnamon cider donut holes from my local orchard. Before you ask, yes I 100% dunk my donuts in hot coffee. In St. Petersburg, there are myriad options for the sweet confection, but one old school spot continues to pluck the heartstrings of most residents. That spot is Fray’s Donut House.

Fray’s Donut House has served St. Pete since 1993. It’s a house of old school, simple delights. Strong coffee, super sweet glazed donuts, and kaleidoscopic sprinkled signature donuts are proverbial harbingers of joy. The hallmarks of a good business are evidently swirling in the batter of the Sunshine City.

Photo of fresh glazed cinnamon roll

There are multiple Fray’s Donut House in the St. Pete area, but the original can be found at 5236 16th Street North.

Fray’s is the place where you can get a stacked breakfast sandwich for less than five bucks. While the breakfast joint has a penchant for the classics, that doesn’t mean its cases aren’t lined with decadent creations.

Raspberry filled powdered donuts, strawberry cereal donuts, apple cinnamon and blueberry cake are just a few of the most desired varieties. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the honey dipped chocolate cake donut. It’s the kind of morning treat you say “I deserve this” before biting into.

Apple Fritters

Bubble tea, frappe, and fruit smoothies round out a rather exciting beverage list.

You can also grab a croissant donut here if you’re down to savor the flavor of a top pastry trend.

Fray’s Donut House Locations:

5236 16th Street North
649 34th Street North
4900 Park Boulevard North

Craving more donut options? We’re listing a few of our favorite shops below:

Vegan Sunshine Donuts (carried at multiple cafes across Tampa Bay)
Cosmic Donuts, 10468 Roosevelt Boulevard
St. Pete Bagel Co., 7043 4th Street North & 4419 66th Street
Donuts, Pies, and More, 6107 54th Avenue North


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