St. Pete’s biggest pirate party returns Saturday, 6th-Annual Shipwreck Summer Bash

St. Pete’s biggest pirate party returns Saturday, 6th-Annual Shipwreck Summer Bash

A patron with cocktails, left, and two pirate-dressed party-goers, right
Photos courtesy The Galley

Arrrrrrgh you ready? St. Pete’s biggest pirate party is back with a full week of festivities leading up to the main event. Downtown’s The Galley is hosting its 6th-Annual Shipwreck Summer Bash on Saturday, August 6, complete with tropical specials, live music, and seaworthy attire.

The all day and night party is a pirate-themed bash where attendees gather in their best swashbuckling costumes and raise pints (and pina coladas) to the Seven Seas. As part of the treasure-filled fiesta, The Galley will be throwing a Tiki Week party all week, August 1-6, showcasing tropical food and drink specials every day along the way.


The experience is a joint celebration between The Galley and The Ship’s Hold, the next-door sister bar of The Galley showcasing St. Pete’s deepest rum selection, and one of the biggest in the state. The pirate-themed celebration is the perfect party for the ship-themed restaurant and pub, and they have already begun teasing specials.

In addition to colorful, umbrella-topped drinks, the kitchen is rolling out some specialties for the occasion. A teaser post revealed photos of what appear to be grilled sesame garlic shrimp, stuffed wontons, poke bowls, and a pineapple-topped hot dog.

Follow The Galley on facebook for more updates on the coming specials.

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