Ray’s Vegan Soul opening inside new 22 South Food Hall

Ray’s Vegan Soul opening inside new 22 South Food Hall


Ray’s Vegan Soul will join several other restaurants inside the brand new 22 South Food Hall in St. Petersburg. Ray’s Vegan Soul has been a standout food hub in the Sunshine City, popping outside breweries and cafes on a rotating basis.

The vegan concept serves up food made with organic love.  In addition to being vegan, Ray’s menu is also gluten- and soy- free.


Vegan and gluten-free cuisine 

Celebrated entrees have included African Almond Soup, Raw Tacos, Quinoa Meatloaf, Black-eye Pea Casserole, and Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms. Popular sides have included Kale and Collards, Cabbage, Brown Basmati Rice, and Sweet Potato Biscuit.

Of course, our favorite part of any meal is dessert, and Ray’s Vegan Soul does not disappoint. Classic Plum Cobbler and Sweet Potato Pie are on the menu for visitors looking to indulge their sweet tooth.

“I love creating food that is healthy, appealing to the eye and the palate,” writes Chef Ray. “I love the challenge of taking traditional recipes and updating them using ingredients that are healthier, plant- based “vegan”

Dishing out edible masterpieces

Ray’s Vegan Soul creates edible masterpieces for everyone to enjoy.

The concept also pops up for pickup outside Plant Love Ice Cream in the EDGE District on select days. Visit Ray’s website to learn more.


22 South Food Hall will also feature baked goods from Swah-Rey, one of the most popular bakeries in St. Petersburg.

Here is the lineup of restaurants set to debut inside the food hall this spring:

  • Chef Melly’s Three Generations Food Truck will have a home inside the food hall.
  • Sushi, poke, and burritos from Chef Lan Mai of Shokkan.
  • Ray’s Vegan Soul. This is a plant-based eater’s dream come true.
  • Ire Mon Jamaican Restaurant, serving up authentic Jamaican cuisine in the Sunshine City. A full menu is still TBA.
  • Betterway BBQ will also have a station inside the kitchen.

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