Pop Goes the Waffle cuts ribbon on new Gulfport location

Pop Goes the Waffle cuts ribbon on new Gulfport location

The owners of Pop Goes The Waffle, and strawberry-topped waffle

Pop Goes the Waffle has officially cut the ribbon on its new Gulfport location at 5004 Tangerine Ave South, Gulfport. A soft opening stage is set to begin on March 12. This location will feature expanded space for production and a small cafe where customers can enjoy waffles, pastries and beverages. Tahisha Scantling of Right Turn Realty represented Pop Goes the Waffle in the deal.

“We saw this building back in 2017 when we were trying to choose between physical location or food truck, so having it become available these years later when we were ready to scale up is kismet,” said founder and Chief Waffle Officer Sara Fludd.

Photo of a waffle food truck with two people smiling together in the pickup window

The property is located just off the intersection of 49th St S and 18th Ave S, adjacent to Trolley Market Square and the Tangerine Avenue Parkway Trail. “The City of Gulfport has done a beautiful job of redeveloping this area and we are incredibly excited to start the next phase of our expansion in this hidden gem,” Fludd added.

Sara Fludd, owner of Pop Goes the Waffle, has built a mobile empire that continues to entice and enchant the taste buds of local residents.

You can find Fludd’s famous waffles at local spots like Southside Coffee Bar, Kahwa Coffee. These aren’t just ordinary waffles, either. Fludd has made varieties like the Hot Cheeto Waffle Dog, a Fruity Pebble-covered waffle, sweet waffle donuts, Bacon Cinnamon Bun Waffle Pops, and hearty handheld chicken and waffles.

Want to keep up with all things Pop Goes the Waffle? Follow the delicious business on Facebook, and Instagram, as well as its website for a full schedule of events.

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