Patti’s Thai Street Noodles quietly opens in Pinellas Park — and earns 5-star reviews

Patti’s Thai Street Noodles quietly opens in Pinellas Park — and earns 5-star reviews

Photo of Wonton skins and a duck soup

Pinellas Park is replete with some of the best food in the entire region. Señor Taco is revelatory, and is also situated inside an kitschy old motel. An old school model train store is also open in the area (and features a mural by Derek Donnelly). Wandering Whisk, a custom cakery, also opted to make Pinellas Park the home for its popular kitchen. Jollibee, a concept all the way from the Philippines, also opened in the area. A new Thai Street Noodle restaurant just joined the fray and it’s wowing diners.

Patti’s Kitchen opened back in July – and the menu looks phenomenal. Featured dishes include the Tew Kai Cheek, a dish of Thai rice noodles, and pulled chicken served in slow cooked chicken soup with Chinese broccoli.

Here’s what one reviewer, James Ryan Anderson, wrote in his 5-star review:

“Words can’t explain the flavor and hospitality you’ll experience at Patti’s Kitchen. Hands down the best Thai food in the area. 11/10. Not one food item was lacking. Truly a one of a kind restaurant. Make sure to save room for the coconut cake!”

Authentic Thai street noodles in Pinellas Park

The Tew Tom Yum features thin rice noodles, ground pork, shrimps, bean sprouts, and lime juice served in a clear broth. It’s served with fried garlic and ground peanut.

Patti’s also offers a signature Thai BBQ pork plate well worth a try. The pork balls are also a huge seller here, and each is made from scratch daily. If you have any room after your meal, you’re invited to indulge in a deluge of Thai cream puffs.

Plenty of coffee and tea options feature on the menu, too. Patti’s serves up a Thai Tea with sweet milk sauce that’s as much an after dinner dessert as it is a morning pick me up.

In another 5-star review, Juan Naranjo wrote:

“Absolutely loved this place. They have a small menu but every item packs a large flavor. The food is fresh and every item is made from scratch, so you can customize any plate including the sweetness of the noodles. The owner is the chef so you know that every plate is made with the upmost care, BTW he is also a great dessert chef. Can’t wait to visit again.”

Serving up famous Thai coconut cake

Make sure to follow Patti’s on Instagram and Facebook, the owners are posting new specials daily. One recent feature was the glazed caramel coffee cake topped with glazed caramel almonds. The Thai coconut cake is also an essential treat for first time visitors.

Patti’s Kitchen Thai Street Noodles is located at 6527 Park Boulevard North.

If you need further convincing, Kent Davis left this enticing review:

“I began eating Thai food in 1978 in LA, then lived in Thailand for five years in the early 90s and have returned annually since. Thai noodle soups are among the most popular dishes over there and Patti’s noodles are as good or better than than you get in Thailand. Her Guidio Rua (Boat noodles) are terrific. Duck noodles, yellow noodles, luk chin (Thai meat balls),Thai desserts (young coconut)… all AMAZING, all homemade. My (Thai, now American) wife and her friends drive an HOUR to taste this. I let them do it because they bring take-out home. (-: And yes, these noodle dishes travel well. For $50 four people can have a unique Thai noodle dinner (breakfast or lunch) that you’d otherwise have to travel 10,000 miles to taste.”

What’s your favorite Thai restaurant in St. Pete? Let us know in the comments.



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