Nitally’s is coming back to the Burg

Nitally’s is coming back to the Burg

UPDATE (2/14/2019): Nitally’s has finally shared their new location: The former “Art of Sushi” spot at 1163 9th St N. Video update here.


Welcome back, Nitally’s! The home of Thai-Mex cuisine and the infamous “inferno soup challenge” announced on Facebook that they’re opening a new location in St. Pete very soon.

Nitally’s in the Grand Central District on May 31, 2018. The closure wasn’t the owner’s choice — the building at 2462 Central Avenue had sold.

The restaurant found new life in South Pasadena, Florida (as featured in the header image, courtesy of Nitally’s) and it seems opportunity has finally knocked for a triumphant return to the Sunshine City.

For those who like their food hot, and we mean really HOT, Nitally’s reigned supreme. Seriously, this restaurant will open your taste buds and tantalize your culinary palate in a way few eateries can.

And we cannot wait to have those crispy pork rinds covered in Nitally’s red curry.

While this writer tends to prefer the pineapple fried rice and sweet sour stir fry to the spicier menu options, many diners rave about the Tom Yum Soup, a famous Thai-style spicy soup made with a combo of lemongrass, lime leaves, Thai chili peppers, galangel, lime juice and straw mushrooms.

You can also select from 6 different curry dishes, a litany of massive burritos and truly exceptional horchata.

An official location and opening timeline is still TBA. Follow Nitally’s on Facebook for updates.

What’s your favorite Nitally’s dish? Let us know in the comments!

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