Meanchi’s Peruvian food truck celebrates grand opening in Grand Central

Meanchi’s Peruvian food truck celebrates grand opening in Grand Central

Cheese sticks, left, and the owner with a sandwich, right
Photos courtesy Meanchi's

Par Bar has done it again. The mini-golf and bar concept in Grand Central has brought in yet another outstanding food truck to provide permanent food service, as Meanchi’s Peruvian had its grand opening over the weekend.

Meanchi’s showcases delicious Peruvian-inspired cuisine, specializing in Peru’s famous street sandwiches, as well as bowls and salads, featuring house-made sauces and frequent specials. Nicknamed “Meanchi” after his grandmother, the owner of Meanchi’s is a first-generation American who spent his childhood summers with family in Peru, where he fell in love with Peruvian cuisine.

The food truck originally opened in South Tampa, and Meanchi’s says the move to a permanent location in St. Pete (2253 1st Avenue South) will allow them “to get way more creative and open up what we can offer.” Weather permitting, Meanchi’s opens at 5 pm Monday-Friday, and at noon on Saturday and Sunday, closing at 10 pm daily.

Try traditional Peruvian street food with a modern American twist

The Peruban sandwich, left, and a platter of Peruvian dishes, right
Photos courtesy Meanchi’s

The star of the Meanchi’s menu is the Chicharron sandwich, which the owner said sold out daily during his soft opening weekend at Par Bar. The sandwich features roasted and fried pork shoulder, sliced and fried sweet potatoes, and the house-made salsa criolla, which is a Spanish onion mix.

Other offerings include The Peruban (a Peruvian-Cuban hybrid), a shredded chicken sandwich, braised beef sandwich, and the ‘Triple’ with avocado, hard-boiled egg, tomato and mayo. Meanchi’s also dishes out tasty Peruvian stir fry bowls and a traditional Peruvian arroz con pollo. And don’t sleep on the tequenos de tres quesos – wonton-wrapped fried cheese sticks served with a side of guac.

“The diversity of Peruvian food is unlike any other country,” the Meanchi’s website explains, “due to the combination of its agriculture and melting pot of cultures, including Asian, African, Spanish, and Native American. Meanchi’s aims to bring you a portion of Peru’s culinary diversity through its famous sandwiches with a modern American twist.”

Meanchi’s is also available on Uber Eats or online ordering through their website. Follow them on facebook or Instagram for more updates, as we’ve been told they have a Peruvian-inspired brunch menu coming when cooler weather hits.

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