Mazzaro’s Italian Market unveils 854-pound block of imported cheese

Mazzaro’s Italian Market unveils 854-pound block of imported cheese

large block of cheese outside Mazzaro's Italian Grocer

You cheddar believe it – an 854-pound block of cheese just got delivered to Mazzaro’s, and the Italian market says you’ll be able to get yourself a hunk of it starting Wednesday, December 7. In a post today, Mazzaro’s announced that it will have a ceremony to cut the cheese at 10 am, after which shoppers can get their hands on the rare treat.

The cheese itself is a black wax Auricchio provolone that was aged for 24 months in Cremona, Italy. Considered one of the finest styles of provolone in the world, Auricchio provolone is particularly sharp and is a rare treat for St. Pete. The gigantic package looks more like a torpedo than an Italian delicacy, but once Mazzaro’s cuts the cheese, the contents of the projectile will become the star of your next charcuterie board.

The enormous dairy delight was delivered on a semi last week and brought into the store on a forklift, as Mazzaro’s documented on their Facebook page. You can expect the cheese to be a popular Christmas gift in St. Pete this year, and Mazzaro’s is always a great place to grab a present for anyone on your list. With fresh ground coffee, handmade pasta, a smorgasbord of cheeses and a literal world of wine, spices and fresh-baked treats, it’s a must-stop for locals and visitors alike. If nothing else, its worth it for the experience (and for the hot sandwiches).

854 pounds of wrapped cheese
Photo courtesy Mazzaro’s Italian Market

In case you missed more delicious news from Mazzaro’s, the beloved Italian Market is now open at St. Pete-Clearwater Airport (PIE). Mazzaro’s Italian Market has opened at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport for departing travelers in Gates 7-11, in the post-security passenger area, according to a release from the airport. The market features a selection of Mazzaro’s favorite hot and cold sandwiches, flat breads, locally roasted coffees, and a signature wine, beer and cocktail list.

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