Mammamia Gelato Italiano debuts in St. Petersburg

Mammamia Gelato Italiano debuts in St. Petersburg

A new sweet shop, Mammamia Gelato Italiano, has officially opened on the ground floor of The Artistry in St. Pete. Debbie Reeser, Commercial Realtor with Barkett Realty helped the concept settle on its planned location at 1691 Central Avenue.

Mammamia Italian Gelato offers a wide range of products created using the best raw materials processed in their factories ensuring the quality is consistent across all of their locations. St. Pete will be their 4th shop in the US, with three others located in Miami. Mammamia currently has shops set up in Europe, Africa and Asia.


gelato swirled with a small tart covered in fresh fruit

Gelato, crepes, and waffles on the menu

The concept serves up more than just handcrafted gelato. Mammamia will also offer the delicious Italian dessert Semmifredo — a semi-frozen dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, and cream. It has the texture of delicious frozen mousse.

Guests will be able to treat themselves Italian espresso, myriad different cones, and delicacies that are nearly too enchanting to eat.  Crepes and waffles also feature on the menu.

Keep up with the concept on its website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

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