Left Bank Bistro debuts live jazz and elevated dining with ‘Ce Soir et Demain’

Left Bank Bistro debuts live jazz and elevated dining with ‘Ce Soir et Demain’

Want to get away from the crowded bars downtown? Left Bank Bistro is counting on it as they showcase ‘Ce Soir et Demain’ the weekend of every month. This recurring monthly event offers two days of elevated dining, drinking and relaxing in their uptown (and upscale) restaurant.

One of St. Pete’s favorite foodie destinations is making a move on weekend nightlife. Uptown St. Pete’s beloved Left Bank Bistro has been drawing crowds since its opening thanks to Chef Jay Ward’s mastery of French cuisine. Now, the trendy restaurant is hoping locals will step away from Beach Drive and Central Avenue to spend part of their weekends enjoying Left Bank Bistro’s elegant space, classic cocktails, and fine-dining experience.

‘Ce Soir et Demain’ returns to Left Bank Bistro the second weekend of every month. It take place on Saturday evenings and Sunday during the day. French for “tonight and tomorrow,” Ce Soir et Demain begins on Saturday with a night of French cuisine, cocktails, and music from David Downing and his four-piece jazz band. Diners can relax at the bar, in the dining room, or on the patio of the renovated 1920s home while taking in the sounds of the night with drinks and dinner.

Left Bank’s menu boasts an extensive list of French wines, while the cocktail list has kept regulars coming back time and again. Try the refreshing strawberry bourbon smash (on special now) while summer still brings the heat. For an entrée, Chef recommends another special, the Lobster Thermador – lobster tail stuffed with crab, scallops, and shrimp with brandy cream, truffle fingerling potatoes, and baby bok choy.

On Sunday, Left Bank Bistro serves one of the most decadent brunches in town from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., offering the perfect excuse for a cocktail on the patio. And don’t call it French toast, but the Pain Perdu is the restaurant’s favorite vehicle for sweet, rich and flavorful carbs. Battered brioche is topped with Grand Marnier brulee, fresh berries, Chantilly cream and maple syrup, served hot from the kitchen.

The Strawberry Bourbon Smash, courtesy Left Bank Bistro

Fans of the old St. Pete Brasserie flock to Left Bank Bistro

While Left Bank Bistro has enjoyed recent acclaim as word has gotten out about the uptown gem, longtime ‘Burg residents aren’t surprised to hear the rave reviews. Chef Jay Ward has more than a few lifelong fans in town after his time running the since-closed St. Pete Brasserie on Central Avenue, where Acropolis is operating now.

When he and the rest of the team opened Left Bank Bistro, they wanted to not only bring the great French cuisine they were known for, but to create a truly authentic French atmosphere. Modeling the décor and ambience off the cafes of 1920s Paris located along the left bank of the Seine River, Left Bank Bistro aims to give those in St. Pete a taste of the Bohemian lifestyle, or le vie de boheme.

The idea was to honor and replicate the historic age of art, literature and elevated thinking in Paris, emulating everyone from Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, to Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

“We strive to recreate a little piece of that history,” the Left Bank Bistro explains. “We are a place for gathering with friends and meeting new ones, for sipping coffee and cocktails on the patio while enjoying great conversations; or dining in the house on one of Chef’s delicious creations … This is our tip of the hat to the days of Jazz and Champagne.”

Ce Soir et Demain begins at 7 p.m. on Saturday, and Left Bank Bistro is open every day except for Wednesday, located at 1225 Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Street N. Save your spot and make your reservation here.

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