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The essential holiday drinks to try in St. Pete this season

The essential holiday drinks to try in St. Pete this season

four festive drinks sit on a wooden table
Photo via Grove Surf + Coffee

St. Petersburg is filled with some of Florida’s coolest cafes and coffee shops in Florida. Many of these shops are slinging festive holiday-inspired drinks to add a little extra winter to this tropical wonderland. These are arranged in alphabetical order because we couldn’t begin to rank these spots – they’re all incredible. Did I miss your cafe? Send me an email with your holiday drink:

a cold foam latte next to a hot latte from bandit coffee
Photo via Bandit Coffee

Bandit Coffee
2662 Central Ave
Must-try drink: Salted Brown Butter Latte (and cold foam)
Bandit just launched their new food menu and we’ve been itching to try everything on it. Their infamous Maple Bourbon latte is back for its annual winter appearance. And they have a new salted brown butter latte and cold foam that sounds divine. They described it as “melted Werthers butterscotch” energy and we’re already sold.


Blush Tea and Coffee
2382 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N

Must-try drink: The Spiced Eggnog Cold Brew
Blush is near and dear to my heart. The Spiced Eggnog Cold Brew and the Cookie Butter Latte are the two I’m most excited about. But they also have Peppermint White Chocolate Matcha Lattes, Gingerbread Tea Lattes, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mochas, and a few more December holiday specials. PS If you haven’t tried the new sandwiches on their lunch menu, you’re missing out!

The Chelsea St. Pete
2462 5th Ave N
Must-try drink: O’Canada!
The Chelsea feels like it’s a hidden gem still. Tucked into the Warehouse Arts District, it’s part coffee shop, part tea shop, part gift shop, and a lovely little patio space. Their new holiday specials are extra cozy. The O’Canada! is a spiced brown sugar cold brew topped with maple syrup cold foam. And Granny’s Famous Latte is two shots of espresso with caramel apple butter and your choice of milk.

a peppermint mocha from craft kafe held by two hands
Photo via Craft Kafe

Craft Kafe
200 Central Ave & 6653 Central Ave
Must-try drink: Peppermint Mocha
Gluten-free gang – your fave 100% gluten-free cafe has added three drinks to their holiday menu. Pairs best with a cranberry orange latte and a Nutella bundt. Enjoy an eggnog latte, peppermint mocha, or peppermint white mocha this year!


three holiday lattes topped with whipped cream in a window sill
Photo via Crislip Cafe

Crislip Cafe
645 Central Ave

Must-try drink: Son of a Nutcracker Latte
Located in the historic Crislip Arcade on the 600 Block of Central Ave, Crislip Cafe is a St. Pete gem. And they have a holiday drinks menu of almost TEN festive sips for you to work your way through this month. New this year is the Son of a Nutcracker, a roasted hazelnut praline latte. It’s also one of the spots in town to cozy up and enjoy a cup of spiced hot apple cider, a holiday necessity!

Grove Surf + Coffee
7370 Gulf Blvd

Must-try drink: Beachside Nog Latte
Grove is one of our favorite beachside coffee shops. This winter they’re serving up four holiday cups of cheer. We’re most excited about the Beachside Nog Latte with housemade spiced coconut cream syrup and nutmeg sugar topping. The Peppermint Matcha Latte is a close second though!

a small gingerbead man cookie sits on the edge of a coffee drink
Photo via Intermezzo Coffee + Cocktails

Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails
1111 Central Ave

Must-try drink: Gingerbread Latte
It’s that time of year when Intermezzo Coffee transforms into Miracle at Mezzo, a festive Christmas pop-up bar filled with cheer. During the day though, you can still soak up their impeccable holiday decor while you sip on their seasonal Gingerbread Latte.

two peppermint coffees from kahwa coffee surrounded by ornaments and pepperming and chocolate
Photo via Kahwa Coffee

Kahwa Coffee
Find the Kahwa nearest you
Must-try drink: White Chocolate Peppermint Latte
Kahwa Coffee has served Tampa and the greater Tampa area for more than 15 years. This locally owned coffee roaster has an amazing staff serving multiple locations and continues to craft the most refreshing brews in the region. Enjoy their delightful White Chocolate Peppermint Latte this winter!

Photo via Paradeco Coffee

Paradeco Coffee Roasters
111 2nd Ave NE Suite 101
Must-try drink: Black Forest Latte
One of downtown’s most aesthetically pleasing cafés, Paradeco Coffee Roasters serves up a mean kimchi potato hash (add egg and avocado). They have a whole crew of winter drinks lined up so here’s the hit list. PSA: All their drink specials are served dairy- and gluten-free! We’ve got a Lemon Rosemary Latte, a Black Forest Latte, a Gingerbread Latte, and a Peppermint Mocha rounding out the lineup.

an array of holiday drinks on a white cafe table
Photo via Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby
9191 Park Blvd, Seminole
Must-try drink: Cranberry Fizz
This new café is a touch outside of the classic St. Pete border but it’s well worth the visit. Their breakfast menu is a gem with fluffcakes, breakfast burritos, and magazine-cover-worthy avocado toasties. This holiday season we’re eyeballing their Eggnog Latte, Hot Cocoa, and Cranberry Fizz drinks.


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