Head2Toe Pediatrics, a concierge-style clinic, offers house calls 24/7 in St. Petersburg

Head2Toe Pediatrics, a concierge-style clinic, offers house calls 24/7 in St. Petersburg

Head2Toe Pediatrics is the first concierge-style, Direct Primary Care pediatric clinic to offer house calls and 24/7 access in St. Petersburg, Florida and surrounding areas, by a board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Rosana Lastra. In the era of social distancing, and limiting our movements outside the house, this kind of expert help in the comfort home feels essential.

The vision of Head2Toe Pediatrics is to provide an old-fashioned service with a modern holistic approach. The goal of course is for children to receive the best pediatric care in the best environment – their own home.

High quality pediatric services in your own home

The locally based clinic is driven by passion to provide high-quality pediatric services that are affordable and accessible to families of all shapes and sizes, without the constraints put forth by the current insurance-based pediatric practice models.

Here’s how the Head2Toe Pediatrics service works:

Direct primary care, also known as DPC, is a concierge-style model for practices in which billing and payment arrangements are made directly between the patient and the doctor. There is no “middle man” encroaching between the doctor-patient relationship.


Telemedicine available for patients, and acute care visits​

This model allows Head2Toe to have a more fulfilling relationship with each patient, while saving them time and money.

They also offer telemedicine, wellness visits, acute care visits — and these can be set and scheduled on the same day, See a full list of services, and how to make an appointment on Head2Toe’s website.

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About Dr. Rosana Lastra: 

Dr. Lastra is a bilingual, board-certified MD Pediatrician with 8 years of experience in both the clinic and hospital setting. She has worked in a number of diverse environments, going from rural communities with limited resources, to Indian reservations with strong moral values, to vibrant cities with prestigious facilities and top of the line medical resources.

Dr. Lastra’s ability to communicate in both English and Spanish along with her vast expertise and cultural diversity, allow her to better serve our community.  


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